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The Scary Truth Of World War 3 that Nobody Can Imagine

We are now battling World War 3. If you think about everything coming together like coronavirus, floods, lizards, landslides, and many things. But we are not talking about it.

Is it nuclear war, as has been a concern for decades and some great leaders are talking about it too much? No!

Is it an actual war because of the massive numbers of troops being deployed around the world? No!

This happening right now, is World War 3. Unlike the first two, every single person is fighting the fight. It’s hard to look for the enemy here because the leaders are performing as evil. Some countries take the seat of leader and perform some cruel acts.

Let me start it from the start.


Why is America Trying to Fix Democracies in Other Countries?

America has been trying to install democracies and nations for like a century and it hasn’t worked even a single time yet. The countries where America is planting democracies do not even have the most basic facilities like building, education, or proper food.

Do these people really need democracies? Do these people really want freedom? Maybe not! These people need rules, boundaries, protection, and peace.

Less than a month after the September 11 terrorist attacks on the United States, U.S. troops with the support of Canadian, German, French, and Australian forces, invaded Afghanistan to fight AL Qaeda and the Taliban. More than 17 years later, the Global War on terrorism intimated by President George W. Bush is truly global, with Americans actively engaged in countering terrorism in 80 nations and six continents.

dggNow the question comes – Is America really a Democracy?

The preferences of the average American appear to have only a minuscule, near-zero, statically non-significant impact upon public policy. It’s a suspicion stocked by the fact that, across a range of issues, public policy does not reflect the preferences of the majority of Americans. If it did, the country would look much different. The minimum wage would be higher and gun control would be many strikers.


The NATO card

US-NATO strategy was to deceive Russia into building a large contingent of ground forces to defend our border at a huge cost to its already struggling economy with potentially crippling consequences. It is important to note that no nation in the world at this present time is a land army that could successfully invade another country because of the massive cost. However, Putin has been too clever to fall into that trap that assists in the right to use nuclear weapons. Since NATO’s plan is not working it is likely the US-NATO forces will create an incident on the Estonian Russian border issues to draw Russia into some local conflict.

Remember George Bush’s proxy war in Georgia that Russia crashed very quickly? Countries like Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, are members of NATO. According to some reports, NATO has been pressuring these nations bordering Russia with threats such as economic and membership penalties imposed by the EU. The situation between Russia and Estonia is tough. Estonia and Russia not only share a border but Russia’s enormous size, which spans 11 time zones, towers over Estonia, which is roughly the size of Maryland. Since the dissolution of the Soviet Union, Estonia quickly shaped its political landscape to maneuver from underneath the Russian sphere of influence and into the arms of NATO. However, Estonia moved under NATO’s collective protection too quickly by ignoring a quarter of their population who are Russian speakers.

The former NATO commander Philip Breedlove has been tabled as a warmonger and that speaks so much. There was a time when he needed to defend himself over leaked emails that showed him plotting to push President Obama to escalate tensions with Russia.

The United States has not always had diplomatic relations with the Vatican because of opposing ideologies. The Vatican is historically totalitarian and as opposed to religious liberty. However, on 10th January 1984, the Vatican achieved diplomatic relations with the United States. The contest between the Orthodox Church and the Roman Catholic Church has troubled those very same countries that the United States NATO coalition is sniping off one by one. There were tensions in Ukraine over the loyalty of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church who was loyal to Russia and there are also tensions in other countries like Estonia who are of the Orthodox faith.

sdfdsfBilderberg Group and New World Order 

Ever since its first meeting in 1954, the Bilderberg Group, a secretive annual conclave of Atlantic elites, has attracted conspiracy theories. Some observers have perceived it as a CIA plot to take the teeth out of the European left, others as a socialist conspiracy to undermine American capitalism. Recently it has been accused of being the seat of a hidden global government, the ‘New World Order’.

There’s so much going on around and it’s hard to describe it on a single page. From NATO nations, some world leaders, to some religious leaders, everyone is involved in this war.

Stay safe and take care.


PS – When we say stay safe we mean by those evil people.

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