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The Beginning of the Australian Nightmare is all part of Agenda 21!

The earth will shake and rumble, but the word of God will not fail!

God said there would be signs in the heavens in the end times, but also part of the Agenda 21 or 20/30 push toward social control through “green taxes” and “green business initiatives “are choices. Grass grazing cows and other natural farm animals are being blamed for what industrial farming is doing.

Something is terribly wrong in the world, and we can all feel it. Prophecies are being fulfilled. Don’t let Satan get your soul. It is all real brothers and sisters.

Is this an accident or the plan of the globalists being fulfilled? 

They’re controlling the weather with HAARP & many other geoengineering tactics. They’re sick they’ve been doing this for a long time. Government technology is very advanced. They can trigger earthquakes and volcanoes. They believe innocent people must die.

xcfgddvDid they burn Australia and sell the water to China? They want to put people in the stack and pack with their New World Order masters? Look at Virginia as they are trying to do a gun grab! All the while on one is investigating that China has been planning the construction of a high-speed railway coincidentally along the path of the fires in Australia. Did they burn Australia and sell the water to China?

The depopulation weapon has already activated, and there many of them are activated, including chemtrails, vaccines, irradiated food, GMOs, smart meters, 5G deployment that Trump promotes as part of a “technology race.” They have weather machines too. It’s very simple for them to start hurricanes.

86% of the bushfires in Australia are human-made! 

There are, on average, 62,000 fires in Australia every year. Only a very small number strike far from populated areas, and satellite studies tell us that lightning is responsible for only 13 percent. Seasonal changes, in part due to climate change on top of natural oscillations causing the drought and westerly winds, have some origins in human-made emissions. More directly, however, the source of ignition is human.

The brand new man-made coronavirus!

The new man-made threat arises in China’s Wuhan. Know more about this man-made virus here –

Is Vaccination planned so Governments can Depopulate the World? 

Dr. Sajay Gupta: Ten billion dollars over the next ten years to make it “the year of the vaccines.” What does that mean exactly?

Bill Gates: Over this decade, we believe unbelievable progress can be made in both inventing new vaccines and making sure they get out to all the children who need them. […] we only need about six or seven more — and then you would have all the tools to reduce childhood death, reduce population growth, and everything — the stability, the environment — benefits from that.

Bill Gates has openly admitted that vaccinations are designed so that governments can depopulate the world.

Now, what exactly is Agenda 21? 

Agenda 21 and the recent ones Agenda 2030 and Agenda 2050 is a plan to depopulate 95% of the world population by 2030. Its goal is the depopulation of humanity because “we are too many.” The elites promote it as a way to “save the planet” and implemented by governments world-wide. Bill Gates even shared his view about how to achieve this goal by vaccinations and other means in a TEDx lecture.

The worst part is that all this is paid by taxpayers world-wide. Agenda 21 is responsible for the development programs in your city that you are not aware of. You can check the Agenda 21 programs implemented in your city or town by searching Agenda 21 and the name of your city on Google. You’ll find them this way.

cbUnited Nations plot to Depopulate 95% of the world by 2030

Agenda 21 was the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs, Division for Sustainable Development and was apparently developed as a means of restructuring the world population. One of the main ways of achieving this, however, is through encouraged and direct depopulation. To achieve such massive scale depopulation with a relatively short deadline, the actions were taken would have to be drastic. Either a world war, global epidemic, or some kind of widespread starvation caused by massive crop failures would be the only possible ways of achieving this.

Now the question is which 5% of the global population would be saved? Would there be those strong and hardy enough to survive the conditions placed on the earth that would kill off the remaining 95%?

See, my primary concern is that the hidden agenda is being masked as a beneficial plan for humanity while being exactly the opposite. Whether such a plan could ever actually be successful is another matter.

Why don’t people hear or read about this plan? 

Most people use mainstream media, including TV, newspapers, radios, and other means to keep informed, which suppresses this information. Those in power control mainstream media and don’t want you to be aware of this plan. This media has denied the existence of such a plan for years, despite the existence of a book entitled “Agenda 21” (350 pages) published by the UN.

Are we ready to fight against the sick government?

Are we ready to fight?

Take some action people, because the government has already started taking steps towards the depopulation plan.

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