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Do Not Text a Guy Back If He Does These 11 things

Many say that texting is aspects of modern dating that make relationships a nightmare. However, they have made communication with people easier, and reveal many tell-tale signs of where a relationship is headed very early on in a relationship. There comes the point in every girl’s life when you completely and utterly head over heels for the guy you should not send a text to.

He only text when he needs something from you, try to observe!: Guys who like you for real, will text you all the time, and not just when he needs you. Observe his pattern closely, does he really text you only when needs something from you? If that’s the case, then you should not text him back.

If he just wants nudes: This is a no-brainer, but if you are uncomfortable with sharing a dirty picot, and are doing it to get a guy to like you, chances are he’s not the right one for you. There’s no need to text him back and entertain his inappropriateness.

If texting him gives you anxiety: If having a conversation with him is fraught with nervousness, then you shouldn’t waste time texting back. Plus, if talking to his level you feeling underwhelmed or sadder than before then don’t get too excited. Sometimes, there is a communication gap, and a difference in the way people feel about each other.

234If he uses words like “bitch,” “slut” and aggressive language towards you: Someone who gets so aggressive at the very beginning of a relationship is someone you shouldn’t text back. If he calls you a bitch for not texting back, or a slut while you are sexting, it’s not acceptable. A man who just met you should not speak to you that way until you have established the fact that your relationship has reached a level of comfort where you both agree that those words are okay. Do not sugar coat such behavior thinking that it’s just a sign that he is a simple guy with no filter.

If he’s into you when he is bored: There’ no point pursuing a person who uses you to pass his free time. O, stop making yourself available and responding like an eager puppy every time he is bored enough to have time to text you. A man who likes you will obviously be around constantly because he is excited to share his life with you.

If he never makes any plan or initiates anything: Any person who likes someone will try their best to meet them or talk to them. The key word here is mutual so, if he never initiates a conversation, and you’re continually trying to introduce new topics, stop right there! It is neither the man nor the woman’s job to continually make an effort because both are responsible.

Don’t ignore the long silences and “read” receipts that go unanswered: If you are messaging him repeatedly and he isn’t replying, stop texting him. At the very beginning of a relationship, people don’t get busy enough to not respond for long periods at a time. Chances are, he is just not interested in you and is leaving you hanging by saying he is busy because that way, he can keep options open, and absolve himself blame.

If he is monosyllabic, then don’t force a conversation: It’s pretty obvious that one-word replies are not precisely a declaration of passion. However, crushes can make us delusional, and push things just to get a response. If all the texts you is stuff like “lol,” “What’s up,” or random emojis, he’s not that into you.

He texts only when he is drunk, high, and horny: You should not text him if he just gives you attention when he is drunk, high, and horny. Stop texting him if he only answers you after midnight. Stop texting him if he makes you feel like a backup plan, a second choice, the person to turn to when everybody else is busy.

qerwIf you get disappointed every time: Stop texting him when you know you are only going to end up disappointed again. Stop texting him when you know he isn’t going to give you the response you’ve been daydreaming about in the shower. Stop texting him when there are a million other people who deserve your attention more than he does.

When it’s not going to lead anywhere: Stop texting him when you know it’s not going to lead anywhere. Even if he responds to you, even if you have a flirtatious conversation that further convinces you he has feelings for you, he is never going to invite you to his place. He is never going to take you out for dinner and a movie. He is never going to take the relationship form texting over the phone to talking from across a table.

Sometimes leaving is the best thing!

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