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New lifestyle trends for 2020

The top futurists are predicting how our lifestyle trends will look like in 2020. If you are already excited to hear what you can expect to see from our world that is rapidly changing with technology, continue reading because you will get all the information you need about new lifestyle trends that will shape our lives.

Female Internet? Yes, you read that right! In 2020, everyone can expect the rise of the female internet. Did you know that 50% of gamers worldwide are actually women? This year, everyone will finally be able to hear about that information. In 2020, it is expected that percentage will just rise more and more.

Peak wellness. It seems like how our whole society has put so much importance on that self-improvement thing. Do you feel under a lot of pressure because of it? Thinking that you don’t work enough on your self-improvement? If you haven’t heard already, and I guess you didn’t, we will have something completely new this year. And yes, that’s peak wellness! This new lifestyle trend will finally let us know how vomiting after a workout is not a good sign that you have worked on yourself, but it will warn you how you are ruining your body and literally punishing yourself. So, I guess, no more fanatics and ‘life coaches’ which constantly help you to become ‘perfect’.

sdfdfSuperfoods. Okay, we already have countless superfoods on our market and it seems like how people really believe in their super special powers. Yet, in 2020, we will have new superfoods. Our new wellness and fitness gurus will highly recommend you to try Siberian pineapple which has been proven to contain 15 times more vitamin C than oranges! An Ethiopian staple, or Teff, is now known as a superfood that contains 3 times more iron than grains we have used to consume these years. I guess that coconut oil is slowly stepping into the shadows, don’t you think? If you ask me for my personal opinion, they will probably call it cancerogenic in a few years. Well, that’s how trends work!

Not just ordinary holidays… But virtuous ones. We will be able to enjoy ‘New-level immersion hotels’ from now on. These are often located in completely ecological locations. People have started thinking green more this year. For example, those who enjoy holidays will definitely have to visit Arctic Bath, a new hotel in Sweden that sits on the Lule River. Did I mention that the river is frozen? Just amazing!

Different spas and restaurants. Virtual restaurants and spas are waiting for us to explore them in 2020! Cyberspace is definitely our future… For example, BreatheVR is using a VA headset and is able to guide you through complete deep breathing exercises. They claim how you will feel like you walk through some wonderful meadows. CloudKitchen is a virtual restaurant people will have a chance to enjoy, and they often call it a ghost restaurant. It is an online-only restaurant, as you have probably guessed it by yourself. It definitely seems like how the traditional ways of bringing some products to the market are completely changing in countless ways.

Are you super-excited about these new 2020 lifestyle trends?

Which one sounds the best to you?

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