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The rise of daycare cost and what to do about it

Bad things are happening worldwide, and I am pretty sure that you are not surprised that I found one more…

In most states, the studies have found that child care costs more than the average rent for a two-bedroom apartment. Can you believe that? I know, I had to read that sentence twice because my brain wasn’t able to detect how bad it sounded.

Only five states had lower average rents than average infant and toddler child care costs. That’s really frightening…

Illness. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that up to 26,100 kids under the age of 5 are hospitalized because of the flu alone each year. Younger kids in daycare are especially susceptible to illness because of their immature immune systems and proximity to other children. But then again, illness doesn’t just affect your children – it affects you too!

adfsfNationwide and state averages highlight the daunting costs of child care but shed little light on the factors affecting your personal needs and expected costs.

Child care is notoriously expensive in the United States, that’s completely obvious. According to a 2020 study by many experts, 73% of parents that are paying for child care have to budget 11% or more of their household income to cover it. More than half (60%) pay more than $13,900 per year toward child care. That’s simply too much…

But of course, health is not the only thing that costs. Food costs too. Does the child care center provide food? You may need to pay for a food package at your chosen child care facility or purchase and assemble lunches for your kids at home. How bad is this?

Low-Income Assistance. Depending on your income level and the programs available in your country or state, you may be able to obtain financial assistance to help make daycare more affordable to you – if you haven’t heard about it already.

Scope of Care. If you want them to care about your child, prepare meals, educate them, and create an environment that offers developmental play, you can expect to pay more for those services. Better scope of care usually costs more, which is why daycare centers always charge more for younger children who require more attention.

Type of Day Care You Need. Most daycare centers are open from 7:00 to 6:30, while others have part-time options. A daycare center that allows parents to drop off and pick up their child flexibly typically charges more per hour, while a daily center may require you to lock in a rate with a signed contract.

And now, what to do about it all? Let me tell you one thing. You should definitely focus on building a strong immune system in the first place, both for your children and yourself. And although that may not prevent all diseases, it will definitely help you to recover easily and escape hospital care.

wefwefWhen it comes to children, they should eat a balanced diet and spend a lot of time in the fresh air. Of course, clean water and healthy sleeping patterns are a must.

Be sure to provide them a lot of pure love and care too because our physical health is also connected to mental health.


Do you think that healthcare costs are exaggerated?

What happens with people who cannot pay it?

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