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When everything seems to go wrong – know that you’re not alone

The sleeping beauty syndrome… How much do you know about it? It might be more of a serious concern as you age…

Countless people worldwide, and especially intelligent ones, have a lot of problems in their head because this world is going in the direction it is. I know, I know… You wonder how everything could look like, but still, we’re here.

The sadness is all around us. Injustice is a part of our life. It’s all falling apart, and you are feeling the consequences of such changes both on your mind and body.

But know that?

If you’re in pain, know that you’re not alone.

If it seems like the world is crushing you, you’re not alone.

If you’ve wasted ten years of your life, you’re not alone.

If your future is uncertain, you’re not alone.

If you’re thinking of killing yourself, you’re not alone.

If nothing seems to work out, you’re not alone.

If you’re at your limit and you’re ready to throw in the towel, you’re not alone.



The point is that when you’re alone – you’re NOT ALONE! If you relate to anything I just wrote – you’re not alone… I’m right here with you and so is God. Every day we are ONE-day closer… One day closer…

But keep your faith within yourself. Know that you are worthy of everything. You are precious and unique. And since you are sad about things that are happening, that means you have a soul. You have empathy. You care. And that’s exactly why you are so strong!

You don’t close your eyes in front of the problems. You don’t close them not only in front of your battles but also in those related to others. You wanted to help, but everyone became cold.

You want people around you, but everyone becomes evil. People become brainwashed and start biting for everything. They just see their own success, even if it doesn’t exist.

Beauty should never be tied to a thing – we can only see with our eyes and every single one of us has a unique quality or two that make us beautiful people (inside and out). I can’t tell you why you are beautiful and neither can anyone else. But you are and you should always remember that we are all magical and special human beings.

Be brave enough to be beautiful in your own manner. You know, this life will pass, but your soul never dies. And I am happy that your soul is magical and beautiful. I am truly happy that I know someone like you, someone generous.

In this dying society, it sometimes may seem hard to stay strong, but know that strength and faith lay within you.

You won’t ever be alone if you stay on the right track. Don’t ever think that evil people have succeeded in anything.


The Sun will rise again,

And you will feel alone,

But forget about the sadness,

And embrace your beloved home…


Your home lays within you. Your home is your soul.

Be beautiful, as you have been for all these decades.


Smile, cry, love, hug… But never betray your own, beautiful soul.

Do you often feel alone in this world full of injustice?

Do you trust anyone?

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