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Eatonville High School uses an Ankle Monitor To Track Athletes students

Recently, s High School in Washington has required everyone who’s on a sports team to wear a tracking ankle bracelet.  How can something like that ”come out of nowhere”?

Just about a year ago, I watched Netanyahu talk about this, yet no one listened. It was about such devices to keep kids under control – so, it’s happening now, we have it!

As always, with a smile on his diabolic face, he talked about how this would prevent the little people from touching each other. Seriously? Who isn’t tired of such stories?

Many of us don’t see ourselves living life on our knees, jabbed and remote-controlled, but it’s a cold hard truth. This ain’t what we signed up for, even if you think it may be. Some of us are reaching the end of our journey in this story. Unfortunately, for many, there will be no other way to escape this tragedy and evil making this world go around.

What can I do to help? I can only pray for us and raise my faith to the level of God’s integrity… And remember – that’s not little…

Do people still actually believe things are getting back to normal? What are they thinking about? Closing their eyes in front of the obvious events happening, or still trying to live their ”small normal lives”? Remember – there’s no place to which you could escape! This is the same for all mankind!

They are always just ONE STEP CLOSER TO TRY TO GET IT IN YOUR BODY! These are scary times to be living in, that’s for sure. I try to uplift someone with a bit of humor, like a sugar cube to down the nasty pills this world system tries to force down our throats. Like a coping mechanism… But that doesn’t work long-term. We all must face this reality and stand against what’s wrong. And there’s a lot to stand against…

We can see what is coming our way just by looking at what is going on in Australia – it will come everywhere else too, it’s just about time. We need to start gathering together with like-minded people and prepare for the days ahead.  

Let’s take a look at how bizarre everything is – Athletes who play contact sports, for example, where everyone is sweating and grabbing the ball which is being touched by everyone, need to wear an ankle bracelet that monitors their movements and activities to make sure they’re social distancing. That makes crystal clear sense! How utterly stupid can people get!? Furthermore, how sloppy can the powers that be get! I can’t believe what I’m hearing or seeing. This is total madness.

Where are the visuals pointing at the ankle bones? They said it has audio and video recording. This is a way for them to hear what the kids are talking about their home life and family members, and many other important things, among that.


There are QR codes at the elementary school in Esterhazy Saskatchewan Canada with a door that locks that can not be opened. This makes me so sad to see where we have come. This world, people, humanity – what happened?

Just when you think society couldn’t get stupider, it takes you by surprise and makes you take the reckoning. They’re just being upfront about everything. They are training children to be prisoners from birth.

Is this legal? Where’s the democracy? What do the parents have to say? Many children would be off the team ASAP. Lockdown is a word used in prisons and jails, and I’m amazed at the sheep that talk about being in lockdown, without a clue it’s all about programming…

Honestly, the ankle bracelets are no surprise – nor will the lines of sheep waiting to catch the bus to the camps be shocking. 

As Ben Franklin said: ”Those who sacrifice freedom for safety deserve neither.”

“Inalienable rights”? Rights don’t come from the government. The government is supposed to protect your rights not hand out rights, you already have the rights. The government either protects them or keeps you from exercising those rights.

I believe a potion is a way to track people these days, especially when the towers go up. It seems to me God is setting these people up for the fall of their lifetime. It baffles me that after 18-19 months people still don’t get it. Pride goeth before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall.

People are giving the government way too much control over their Lawful Rights. If every parent took their kid off that team, the school would lose funding and they’d stop this nonsense. You pay them to do this to you, remember? That’s all you have to do, but you must do it together.

Home school your children. What happens next will be even worse…

You have pushed this scam as far as it goes! How can you play any sport without trading sweat? EXT, THEY WILL BE LABELING & SEPARATING THEM ON “WHO” IS or ISN’T JABB-ED. Democracy? Yes, I’ve mentioned it already. What about discrimination now? Have we forgotten about it for a bit? 

The founding fathers of America never envisaged that the Second Amendment rights put in place as a protection against tyranny would be nullified by herd insanity. Does it surprise you? Isn’t this what we expected? This is the free fall of a once-great country!

In Abu Dhabi, they already put tracking bracelets for anyone coming from abroad (except green list countries) to make sure they don’t go anywhere. So, for 10 days in quarantine, you’re locked in your home and get 50K AED (about 13.7K USSD) fine if you dare to go out. Is this what everyone’s gonna be wearing soon?

Yes, we all have tracking devices called cell phones. They are starting to keep the un-V’d out of the grocery stores in France. 

Remember Matthew 24:13 ”But he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved…”

How do you feel lately?

Can you see hope fading?

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