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Put GOD first in everything = your life will change eternally

You know how it’s said-New Year, new start! You have probably made some decisions for yourself, or you want to change something in your life. That is great, but you must always remember how there will be bumps in that road. Nevertheless, that must not discourage you. When thinking about choosing the right path, I need to tell you how it is actually very simple. It is not easy, but it is simple-just put GOD first and see all the changes it will bring into your life.

dsfsfPeople tend to say how they don’t have time for God. How silly is that? He must be with you all the time-he is your main purpose! If you feel blessed for every single day-you will be happy. If you appreciate God, it will change your whole life! Following his path will make you choose the right decisions and serve for good. Many people think how they can rely on themselves, but believe me, Jesus Christ is your true savior. No, you cannot feel complete if you don’t put God in the first place in your life. You will always feel like something is missing in your life.

You need a purpose! And you know what your true purpose is.. We all have our sins and we think about those a lot. But, if you choose God, he will forgive you everything you did wrong, but you must stay on the right track in the future. Life eternal, eternal love, that is what you will receive. If you think that you cannot walk, let God make you do it! He will, he is miraculous! Ask him to walk with you in the fire of fire and be the fourth man-and he will! You can walk through the water with him and it will not drown you… When something doesn’t feel good in your heart, you know what you should do-pray! People tend to think a lot about their problems, yet, they don’t find the right solutions.

How is that possible? Because only God knows how to solve some of your life dilemmas. Not you. Let him be the main figure in your life and you won’t make a mistake. You may think how it is too late for you to turn to God, but no, that is not the truth at all! Express gratitude, open your heart, and you will realize how everything can change in just one day! Your new fresh start is waiting for you… I know that you have many plans for your life, almost everyone does.

There is nothing wrong with that, we are all humans, with our free will, but you must also remember how God has a better and bigger plan for you! Yes, just trust him and be grateful for everything that happens on your journey, because it happens for a reason. And he knows the reason…

zxfdsAs you will also realize it someday… People feel frightened about every little thing that surrounds them, and they forget to fear God! God is the only one you should fear. If you don’t follow his path, he may show you why you should… I am not here to make you worried or frightened, I am here to help you make a new fresh start.

Have people forgotten about the most valuable things in life?

Can our world become a better place if people find their real purpose in their hearts?

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