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Places vaccine passport would be required & where it would not be

One thing that’s for sure and that doesn’t even surprise me anymore is that people who know they’re actually wrong will do anything in their power to silence people that can prove them right. I have been in such a situation so many times.

Vaccines, the virus, the lockdown, the experiment… And here we are – Why would someone take an experimental vaccine for a virus that has a 99.97% survival rate? Please can anyone give me any valid reason?

The truth is that there have been reported deaths shortly after people got vaccinated. Unfortunately, I personally know 3 women in my friend’s building who died two days after getting the vaccine.

What happened to them? Doctors claim that they had a sudden heart attack.

And while some countries are open to these new ”Covid” passports, others are staunchly opposed. Here, in the US, Biden’s administration has said that passports are a matter for the private sector – no business will be compelled to adopt them.

asdBut hang on for a second, don’t believe in that too soon. What they said about covid passports is what they claim to be – For now! What will happen later? Probably nothing good. The pressure all around the globe will just rise until it completely bursts.

Could businesses really require proof of a vaccination that’s strictly voluntary? Here’s what we know about the issue so far – At this point, nothing solid.

You probably won’t need a vaccine passport to go to a grocery store, but would you be able to travel and work freely? I doubt that.

Where might a vaccine passport be used then? Promoters of large business conferences, concerts, soccer, basketball, baseball, or hockey games will probably require it. So, if you want to be inside with hundreds of people for long periods of time, you’ll need to take that vaccine.

What about nightclubs? They’re already broke. They will also probably accept anything that countries demand from them, just to start working like once before. A movie or theater performance? Going to the gym? We’ll see. But I think you can already ”smell what’s in the air”.

But how will these passports work? What are the accepted apps that control this entire process?

New York state has announced an app called Excelsior Pass, which shows your vaccination proof or the results of a negative COVID-19 test. The app is in use at theaters and venues like Madison Square Garden (where fans must also show a photo ID).

The idea is that a scannable app, which links to a state database proving your status, will be easier for a doorperson to check than reading thousands of paper vaccination cards.

asdfwfRemember Israel and its full vaccination program? Well, they aren’t completely free to continue their lives as we all thought they would be. Israel still has infected people and Covid deaths, despite massive vaccination.

This country is leading the world in vaccination rates and has recently launched a “green passport” that gives holders access to places like gyms, theaters, hotels, concerts, and synagogues. Will that be enough? Only time will tell.

If you don’t want a vaccine, don’t get one. Why are other people so fussed about what other people do? If you have the vaccine, you’re okay, so why care about people who don’t want it? MY BODY MY LIFE… Isn’t that what they say?

Overall, this vaccine is ”not mandatory”, but it’s obvious that the governments will financially incentivize businesses to make it mandatory.

“Medical freedom”… Have you seen our healthcare system? We’re enslaved to insurance and pharmaceutical companies.

And I have to admit you one thing – Everyday I’m more embarrassed to be a US citizen…


How do you feel now when we are in the 2nd year of the coronavirus pandemic?

Things aren’t changing for the better, right?

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