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How to Shop Safely in Person During a Pandemic?

Shopping is stressful for many people. But, who could ever imagine that it will become this stressful because of the pandemic? Like waiting in lines and crowds weren’t enough, we are now ‘playing a game’ with the virus, trying to escape it while continuing our lives.

Here, I want to share some useful tips for shopping in person safely. Let’s talk about shopping malls and fashion for a bit!

sfwrsfrThe time spent shopping is crucial. So far, we have learned a lot of things about staying safe. And you probably remember that one of those is the time of exposure to the virus. It is not the same if you spend two hours in a shopping mall, and if you go there and leave in 20 minutes. So, think about how fast you can complete your shopping. Minimum exposure is the best option.

The mask, the distance, your hands… Of course, you should wear a mask, but for this time choose a better one. For example, KN95 masks have three layers and can protect 95% of the virus. So, wear it while shopping. Also, keep the distance from the other people. Don’t wait in a line, but rather come back when it disappears. And of course, clean your hands from time to time. Be sure not to touch too many things.

Avoid interaction. With anyone, or anything. The best would be to pay with a credit card. If you pay with cash, you have to interact with the seller, which is not a good idea. And if you see your friends at the shopping mall, rather suggest talking outside.

How their staff behaves? Some people just don’t follow the recommended safety rules. Just watch how people who work in the store behave, and then decide for yourself if you should shop there.

Some clothes shouldn’t be tried… Yes, unfortunately, forget about trying a T-shirt, shirt, a sweater, or anything that has to come so close to your face. Did I mention that you should forget about trying bikinis and bras as well? For pants, the best would be to take your pantyhose and try new pants on those.

Makeup. Just don’t use testers. I saw some stores still haven’t taken those out! I cannot believe it. Yet, you have your own brain which tells you how trying a tester makeup is a big no-no. I don’t like those in general because you can catch bacteria or anything through it, but you definitely should stay away from the testers now because of the COVID-19.

If you can order it online, then do it. Okay, this is not about shopping in person, but seriously, if you know something suits you, or if you have bought something for like five times and came back for the 6th product, then you know you like it and that it will be good for you. So, just order online.

afdsafwsfThe truth is that people are sick and tired of the pandemic and all those rules, lies, drama, but also the danger, yet, we have to move on with our lives, but not in any manner.

Keep yourself safe because this all will also pass.

Have you been shopping lately?

How do you feel in a shopping mall?

Relaxed? Stressed? Scared?

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