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A pretty face or a perfect body? Which one do you prefer?

Do you think that people with beautiful faces have more chances to meet a perfect mate? Or are those handsome ladies and gentlemen in a better position?

Of course, we cannot bring one universal answer to this question because different people admire different things. Yet, when we take a look at the statistics and what men and women prefer worldwide, we can create a conclusion.

1. For women… a pretty face. Women with pretty faces get places in society. Women with average faces and hot curves usually just get husbands and boyfriends but they don’t get good jobs as easily or rich, wealthy husbands as women with pretty faces do. Men love women with pretty faces because the face doesn’t change as easily as the body does, especially during pregnancy and with age. Women don’t need to have abs for the purpose to attract men. It’s enough for them to have an average body. It’s true that a lot of men prefer skinnier women, or better said athletic and handsome women, but the face is the most important part of the body when it comes to physical attractiveness. Numerous women worldwide wear makeup on a daily basis so they can emphasize beautiful parts of their faces.

Men also prefer women who look a bit younger, or better said – have a baby face. Men love women who don’t have sharp face lines.

2. For men, the body is more important by far. If you look tall, strong, and powerful women will associate that with safety and security and will find you attractive. It’s our biology – ladies want a man who will be able to take care of the children and the entire family in the future. Women love masculine men because they feel safe around them.

For men, a hot body is better than a beautiful baby face. Men aren’t valued for their good looks as long as they’re average. Being tall, with good muscular genetics like thick arms, good ab genetics, thick legs with a long, thick penis will get you way, more women than a handsome face, average height with average penis size. 

It’s no wonder that countless men all around the globe are doing everything in their power to stay in good shape. If you have a good-looking body, and if you’re beautiful in your face too, then you’re a bingo. Of course, don’t forget to work on your attitude as well.

A lot of times, we think of someone as a beautiful person, but it may also happen that we don’t see them as beautiful or handsome anymore when we realize that they have a bad character.

This article was just about comparing what people find more attractive when it comes to different genders. Keep in mind that working on your inner self is the most important thing if you want to have someone in the long term.

Do you prefer a handsome body over a beautiful face?

Is beauty something that can disappear?

If you’ve met someone and didn’t like their character, did their physical appearance change in your mind?

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