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Crying tears of joy because you can now legally get an abortion (Thanks Argentina!)

The GREAT Deception is coming! Trust No Man – Only Our God. Everything seen on the news is what they want us to see. Our perception of everything is being molded. Year by year, they try to represent us something even worse – and they always succeed because people welcome all that with joy. Numerous people worldwide consider their actions as even fun, and many enjoy them. Just think about social media and all that TV thing and everything will become clear to you.

Our reality is coming to an end. Prophecy!

afdsdwsfeThough many want to think it’s an anomaly, 2020 is actually only the year of the beginning… What’s about to begin? This awful snowstorm is getting bigger each and every day.

Biblical Events. are starting to take place – 2021 will be the real start of something bigger. The tears of babies will not go unpunished… I am sure you will remember these words at some point. When the murder of the innocent is accepted and is celebrated, why would you not expect the judgment of God? You probably saw what came from Argentina these days… Everyone celebrating that abortion became legal there. What is it about to celebrate?

It’s truly sad to see women and men celebrating abortion. Those people celebrating their right to murder just broke my heart for those babies. This year will be far harder and difficult than in 2020… The world is circling the drain! And then they will tell you – that’s democracy! For whom? Obviously not for the babies.

People are ridiculous to think that all of a sudden the “bad luck” of one year is behind us. Um, no. Buckle up, buttercup. Well laid plans, executed before our eyes. It’s disgusting to see all those women celebrate the legalization of  MURDER. Poor unborn babies! “Women” leave the use of their bodily functions, particularly the brain and reproductive system.

ELATED to kill innocent life. It’s crazy madness, but it’s still child sacrifice like it was in the ancient past. They are doing it with less guilt and gory images in your memory bank. Just pay, slide up, and get sucked out or flushed out with meds. Out of sight, out of mind…

Let’s go back to having irresponsible, unprotected, ungodly sex (cause rape and incest is less than 1%)… Of course, you should understand that I understand that many women have to do abortions because of different reasons, and we are definitely not talking about those here.

sdfsdWhat makes me sick the most is where everything is going. It is not about 2020 anymore. It is not about coronavirus anymore. It is not even about a lockdown anymore. Neither the main issue is abortion. But EVERYTHING. Everything that is happening around us and people accepting it with joy!

Society won’t ever again be the same. Do you remember the good old times when we talked with others live? When people didn’t use so much photoshop? When their main issue wasn’t a comment on Facebook?

It’s disgusting what we have become… And we are far from good and true values in life.


Do you often feel tired ”without a reason”?

Are you tired of everything happening on this globe?

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