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Africa is always the first to blame for new discoveries

Imagine a virus so deadly, they have to test you to see if you have it? Imagine a vaccine so safe, they have to threaten you, to make you take it? As I think about the past, I cannot find anything similar. Do you remember some disease that was so terrible that many of the patients were asymptomatic? That’s exactly what I’m talking about…

Anyone find it interesting that this “new strain” was found in the UK and South Africa, which were among the first places to start vaccine trials during the summer a few months back? You don’t have to be an expert to solve this puzzle – they have so many holes in their story. Anyone who wants to realize the truth can clearly see it. Why are still so many people in a state of panic? Because of their brainwashing propaganda. That’s why.

It’s so stupid seeing people wearing masks out in the fresh air and sunshine suppressing their immune systems because they have no sense and are stupified in their programming. Main point – training you to be mindless followers!

zcfsdfPeople, please, free your breathing! Your face was not meant to be covered up!

And then we have that vaccine… You’ve probably heard that when you take it, you cannot blame anyone for the consequences when they happen. Side-effects? They have washed their hands from further responsibility. So, take it and see what will happen to you. Maybe not now, but what if there are horrible consequences on the body that will be visible in the next 10 or 20 years?

It makes me sad that people don’t think about it…

Since the pharmaceutical companies exempt themselves from lawsuits should anyone suffer vaccine injuries, then the employers who require/demand vaccines should be made legally liable for any COVID vaccine injuries, right?

But no, they will just tell you that you wouldn’t be able to get a job or driver’s license if you’re not vaccinated. They say the vaccine is not a must, yet they will forbid you to travel. So, ”it’s a free choice”, but if you refuse it – you won’t be able to live in this society.

The UK is already entering into Tier 5 until at least mid-February. No schools or exams for the kids as well. And then – No church services but football matches are still allowed? The government expects people to take them seriously… What a bunch of mess we have here…

All nations shall be deceived by “ SORCERY “. And yes, you got it right –  that’s the vaccine and quantum tattoo folks!

The candle will no longer shine is the alteration of DNA they are putting in the vaccines. When you go through hard times in your life, don’t give up. God is with you. Keep trusting God and He will take away.

sdfvwsWho can help you in these hard times? Who is your best friend now?

When people are blinded and deceived, you must continue walking on the right road.

Know that you’re not alone.

It makes me sad when people say there’s no God. I mean, just imagine how God feels about it…


Have your friends or family taken this vaccine?

What side-effects are you afraid of the most?

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