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Why the Health of Your Scalp Is Important

Why the Health of Your Scalp Is Important

Skin care regimens are all the rage these days. With help from new products and some talented social media influencers to show us the way, we’ve never put more effort into taking care of our faces. Now that you’ve mastered caring for your face, it’s time to extend the regimen upward to the scalp, which is just as sensitive as the skin on your face, if not more so. If you care about your hair, your scalp is worthy of attention. Check out these reasons why the health of your scalp is important.

A Healthy Scalp Protects Against Hair Loss

Hair loss, for the most part, stems from genetics. We know all too well how hard it can be to fight our genetic blueprint. Still, you can give yourself the best chance by keeping your hair follicles wide open. Two conditions endanger hair growth—excessive dandruff from a lack of natural hair oils, or sebaceous clogging of the follicles from an abundance of those same oils. Both can close off follicles and prevent them from growing hair at its maximum thickness, or in some cases, from growing hair at all. To find the happy medium between too much cleaning and not enough, consult with your hairstylist about products and strategies to keep your scalp at its healthiest.

Healthy Hair Is Easier To Style

Think about maintaining a garden. If your plants are rooted in poor soil, they won’t grow right. The same goes for your hair. Your hair may lack volume, be prone to breakage, or be otherwise stubborn against styling. By taking care of your scalp with the proper moisturizers, regular shampooing with products that won’t dry out the hair, and gentle brushing, your hair will grow as it should.

Built-up Hair Product Fosters Bacterial Growth

What happens to hair products that don’t get properly rinsed? Hairspray, after all, is meant to keep your hair in place. It stands to reason that it wouldn’t go far on its own. As hair product accumulates on the scalp, it forms a layer and traps bacteria beneath its surface, leading to uncomfortable itching and inflammation. Avoiding these unpleasant conditions is a big part of why the health of your scalp is important. You have enough going on in your life—you shouldn’t have to deal with the frankly gross inconvenience of trapped bacteria.

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