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Live forever Or Die Trying

People have been obsessed with eternal life for numerous years, but it seems like how they don’t understand what it should look like. It amazes me what people are ready to do just with the idea to live immortally on this planet. What would they do? They are literally just obsessed with materialistic things, lust, and consumption of all sorts.

Yes, technology can be amazing, but are we using it for good purposes? What has got people so excited about the prospect of eternal life? And if they are right, what would it mean for us as human beings? If death became negotiable, would we still have kids? Fall in love, get married buy a house, plant a tree… Death gives this life a great note – if we were all immortal, the planet would be gone a long time ago, and people would go evil completely.

Understanding life extensions and the moral consequences involved are too big for us to envisage, predict, or even imagine. To make people live forever in some distant future while stopping them from having normal lives in the current present is not impossible. Yet, a few people in power truly dream about this vision and believe that they are somehow different from all of us. They don’t even accept their own mortality, they want to become the creator and to be the most powerful creatures there are. This is actually very tricky and dangerous, just to have such ideas in your mind.

He said that everyone who believes in the creator may [not perish, but] have life eternal.  In order that everyone is putting faith in Him, life is eternal. But what greedy people want is not life eternal in Heaven, they want materialistic life, bodies, money, filth, fame, power – and anything you won’t find in an eternal life that comes from the creator.

So which part do these people not understand? Being negative? No, I’m not. I’m just trying to remind you of what we’re living in right now and remind you of what the creator is trying to call you out of for you see in Revelation.

You have music that is promoting wickedness all throughout the world. There’s, of course, entertainment that is causing people to lose grass or what is reality. Fake love on television sets, Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, and tons of other platforms that are brainwashing people on a daily basis.

And then we had many biohackers who feared their work could get them killed. Chip implants opportunities concerned and what could be next… I could go on and on for days – the point stays the same. We are surrounded by poisonous things that are truly evil and are shaping this mankind in unwanted ways – or better said, they are not wanted by the creator, but definitely are wanted by Satan’s soldiers.

New tech is giving humanity many potential paths to immortality. They say that we need to be prepared for a new world without aging. What can that be? I don’t even need to think about it to see the answer – those in power will rule over the entire population, while others will be left to die in interstellar or robotic wars.

What is your opinion about this topic?

Do you agree that people don’t understand the term eternal life?

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