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Leaving your past behind for your future’s well being

Let me make one thing clear-we have all made mistakes, bigger or smaller ones. A person that hasn’t made mistakes, or hasn’t been hurt, hurt someone or felt embarrassed for at least once in a lifetime doesn’t exist. Okay, now you when you know ”you have a company”, you may feel better for at least a moment.

Yet, if you constantly feel worried about your past, you must know how it won’t let you live your life if you don’t leave it where it should be-in the past.

I will tell you something about my life before I advise you how to leave your past behind and start living your life again. I have, of course, made many mistakes in life. I have hurt some people, some people have hurt me too. That’s how life works. But, when my son died, two years ago, I couldn’t stop repeating all those horrible scenes and those were literally my constant presence. Yes, losing a child is for like forever, but we all must do something to keep going and leave the past behind. What I needed to left behind were some strange comments people made about my situation, some people who left me in those hard times, some strange things I did in anger and so on. Check out how I remind myself daily to leave my past behind!

SDasdDon’t fight your thoughts. We all have some negative thoughts about our past that constantly remind us how something went wrong or want to make us feel embarrassed, frightened, sad, or you name it. Don’t try to ignore those thoughts. Just let those be. When you stop focusing your energy on those thoughts, or once you stop even trying to ignore them, those will just disappear. How? Because you won’t point your energy in that direction. Don’t feed the thoughts!

What happened doesn’t define you as a person. Always remember how no one is perfect. Just because you have made some mistake, that doesn’t mean how you are a mistake.

Forgive everyone, including yourself. There is nothing worse than trying to create a ”balance in the Universe”. No, you won’t feel good if you hurt someone who hurt you. Remember what I’ve told you in the first fact. You will win if you continue living in the present, and not if you get revenge for some past moment. The best revenge is to live your life now! Besides that, forgive yourself. You are not what happened.

Every day is a chance to start a new life. Life is just miraculous! We have an opportunity to start living our life by each and every morning we wake up. Be thankful because you had enough strength to move on.

Trust God. Okay, something very bad happened. You cannot concentrate on anything else but that. After implementing my advice from this list, you will realize how you have let yourself ”start a new chapter”. Anytime you feel lost or think how you are not able to let the past go, trust God.

dzfdsfOverall, I know how this is very hard. But always remember, it won’t get better if you don’t let it go!

Are you ready to start living again?

Do you have some more advice you would like to add on this list?

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