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How To Be More Positive In Six Simple Steps

Found yourself in an endless circle of depressive and negative thoughts? Actually, since society is changing in so many bad ways, it’s no surprise that it happened to you.

Yet, you shouldn’t take that as it comes. Instead, you should fight back and try to become a more positive version of yourself.

Here’s how:


Create your own positive personal mantra. What are you worried about? Do you see all things black? Create your own mantra that will bring you on the right track. And, of course, repeat it at least several times per day. Here are some examples: ”I will not worry about this today because it is not happening now.” ”Things always turned out in a better way than I’ve thought they would.” ”Just look at everything I have and everything I have achieved so far! I don’t want to focus on what I don’t have only.”


Learn more about your negative feelings. Why are you feeling the way you do? Is it just in your head or those negative thoughts come from your personal experience? Be sure to understand your feelings because that way you’ll be capable to learn from them. Something bad happened? Get the best from that experience. Did it make you learn something? Have you become stronger because of it? You got the point.

adssdBe kind to yourself. This is very important, and especially when you find yourself in a difficult situation. Don’t expect too much from yourself. We are all humans and we make mistakes. The most important thing is to learn from our journey and to become a better version of ourselves – not repeating the same mistakes over and over again.

Don’t expect others to be what you want them to be. I see this very often. People get disappointed by others just because of their personal expectations. Let people be who they are. You cannot change people, you can only understand them, accept them, and love them. Of course, you can split your pasts too if you don’t find them admiring. But be sure that your day isn’t ruined because you expected something from someone.


Start looking at things in a different manner. If you always see negative things first in every situation, start practicing a different point of view.

sdfwsfdYour daily routine. Maybe your daily routine brings a lot of negativity. For example, if you start waking up just 30 minutes earlier than usual, you will be capable of escaping a lot of stress. How? You will have enough energy to prepare for the upcoming day without a rush. Besides that, you will also have time to express gratitude for what you have in life. Do that every single morning.

What do your afternoons look like? Are you a couch potato that spends hours hating everything you see? That won’t make your day. Be sure to stay active. Surround yourself with people you like. Take up a hobby that’ll bring more serotonin to your life.


As you can see, there are some simple things you can do to improve the quality of your life.

You have this one life, don’t spend it on feeding that negative energy.


Do you find these tips useful?

Which one will you implement first?

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