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IBM to replace 7800 workers with AI

IBM has decided to freeze hiring and replace over 7800 positions with AI. While Google showcased an AI calling as if it was a human back in 2017, the overhyping of AI and the belief that it can fully replace human intelligence is a recipe for disaster. The first industry to be affected by AI will likely be the workforce, and the consequences of this will be severe. A universal basic income may be necessary to combat the negative impact of AI on the workforce, but this is not without its own drawbacks. There is a risk of creating an army of unemployed individuals who may resort to illegal activities. Furthermore, the AI is now being trained to explore entire GitHub repos, meaning that it will be able to assess the full context of both the frontend and backend codebase and database architecture. This may eventually lead to the replacement of human programmers.

The young generation seems to have a laid-back attitude towards the potential consequences of AI. Artificial neural networks are a black box, and the way they work internally is still being researched. While models like ChatGPT have been successful, they tend to make mistakes and require hand-holding by someone who can recognize them. The success of AI in replacing jobs depends on the job it’s replacing, how many mistakes that job can tolerate, and whether it doesn’t take too much effort to fix its mistakes. The attention these models have been getting will probably accelerate research regardless.

There are concerns about organizations like the World Economic Forum, which ranks India far below in gender equality, education, happiness index, poverty, etc. It’s unclear what their criteria, funding, or the composition of their board or researchers are.

The truth is, Chat GPT will have a huge impact on future generations. Children who are in schools today have become nothing but information collectors. They don’t know how to use such information and their brains are becoming lazier and lazier.

With a purpose to change our society for the better, we need generations who can think with their own brain, and not blindly search for information, pass exams, and forget about everything.

Not to mention how this will affect all jobs in the recent future. Although they say that AI and robots will be capable to replace teachers, no one talks about the fact that children learn from a model. Children learn from what they see, and what you do, they need a figure, something like authority.

Why am I constantly talking about children and education? Because without well-educated, brave, moral, and curious future generations our entire planet will be lost.

They want children to blindly follow the robot’s instructions, while young people need to socialize with the purpose to gain empathy for others. There is something called emotional and social intelligence which is vital for every healthy society. We will lose all that, but it seems like how not many are concerned.

Forget about sci-fi and robotic movies – it won’t be fun, there will be evil power and control all around.

Are you worried about AI?

How do you see our future?

Have you tried Chat GPT?

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