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Walmart rolls out first fully driverless delivery truck

It is hard to believe people want a world like this. It truly makes me sad and worried that they don’t think in which direction this will lead us. I knew the writing was on the wall when I started seeing people installing self-checkouts in Walmart stores during the mid-2000s.

Now, we have to stand in a ridiculous queue for the privilege of scanning and bagging our own purchases. Many senior citizens were PISSED when they realized there were no cashiers on duty. People being forced out of jobs over the jab mandates to be replaced by robots is not right. Of course, this was just a test – and people welcomed it with joy. They call it an improvement, technological achievement, something that makes our lives easier. But does it? They will continue replacing human strength with robot strength, and later on, we will all become jobless.

Just imagine how many people have lost their jobs due to such changes. Now cashiers and drivers, tomorrow teachers and doctors. What will we do if we don’t have jobs? They probably have some other plans for 8 billion people, don’t they? You know what I mean…

I remember when they showed movies of the future. Everyone was excited. They couldn’t wait for it to happen! I just thought: “What a horrible existence that would be…” And I was right. I knew it would come with some serious consequences for humankind.

It made me very thankful for trees and flowers and things God has made because everything was so robotic in their predictions. Now we are seeing it. I just don’t see what people see in this world, or better said – the world is just fine, our society is the problem!

Nothing in this world is worth missing Heaven over. Especially the dark world they have planned to build. There have been numerous crashes due to Tesla’s self-driving. You have to go looking for the reports because they’re largely ignored by media sources. I bet if a driverless truck slams into your family, Walmart will be exempt from prosecution. Who will feel safe on roads with these?

The movie “Logan” from the Marvel X-Men franchise had autonomous 18 wheeler trucks driving deliveries on the highway. Predictive programming for the year 2029. There has always been a demand for drivers, but no shortage. Not long ago, an x CEO of Google in China wrote a book and predicted that 75 to 80% of all jobs will be conducted by artificial intelligence by 2035. Seems like they’re on the track to get this agenda in full swing…

Dubai has had driverless trains since 09/09/09. Do you want to know what Babylon looked like? Visit Dubai. What they have going on at their Dubai Expo 2020 which is being run from Oct 2021 to Mar 2022, is all virtual, futuristic, and diabolical. I don’t know if anyone who would think a self-driving car was “cool” or anyone losing their job to a robot was fantastic. Why do people think and act this way? No, it’s not cool, and neither is it fun. It is dangerous, for our safety, and it is dangerous – because many of us will lose our jobs. Poor, angry, hungry. How will we feel? Many become easily controllable when they are poor and hungry. Think about that too…

The food and supply shortages have nothing to do with not having enough truck drivers to deliver goods. The real issue is the cargo ships not being allowed to unload their shipping containers at the docks/ports. There are more than enough working truck drivers out there. As a matter of fact, most truck drivers never lost their jobs during the height of the Pandemic. If anything, they were the people who continued to work while the average person was told to stay home.

How do you feel about driverless vehicles?

Do you see fun and excitement in this so-called improved society?

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