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Easy and healthy breakfast to make during weekdays

When it comes to food and nutrition, it’s always important to keep on searching for new recipes and trying to make your nutrition diverse. Of course, I know that you don’t have enough time for everything you would like to do in your life, and therefore, I’ve created a list of easy and healthy breakfast ideas you’ll like. Spend a great time with your family and enjoy new tastes!


Fun breakfast bowl. How to start a day in a proper manner? You need some antioxidants to make you go! Therefore, it’s always a great idea to prepare a cottage cheese bowl with fruits. For this recipe, you’ll need cottage cheese, berries, walnuts, and flaxseed oil if you like it. Just mix all the ingredients and add a decoration you like (I love using chia seeds for that purpose). This is a keto recipe, and everyone will be happy to hear that they’ll get 20% of their protein needs in just one dish!

sfdergfScrambled eggs. Prepare eggs, cream cheese, a little bit of milk, and butter. You can also add chives if you like them. Mix all the ingredients except the butter (you should melt it separately, and then add it to the eggs). Add this mixture to the frying pan and cook it for a few minutes. Delicious yet healthy!

Blueberry smoothie. It’s always a great idea to prepare breakfast with berries because they are loaded with antioxidants. For this recipe, we’ll need yoghurt or kefir, chia seeds, a tablespoon of honey, and frozen blueberries. Add all the ingredients to the blender and enjoy your new healthy breakfast within a minute!


Oat pancakes. Everyone has heard that oats are healthy, but did you know that you can create numerous amazing recipes with those? For oat pancakes, you’ll need two eggs (you can use egg whites only if you’re trying to lose weight), a tablespoon of honey or stevia, 150 grams of ground oats, and 1 DCL of milk (or 100 grams of cottage cheese). These pancakes are like an American version of it, a little bit fluffy and thick. Just mix all the ingredients and roast them as usual. You can use butter if you need extra fat. Serving this meal is best with fruits, but you can also use dark melted chocolate.

dfvdvTuna salad. As you’ve realized by now, this entire list is loaded with healthy and full of protein meals. Tuna salad is another breakfast idea you should try. You’ll need a few baby tomatoes, a can of tuna, feta cheese, olive oil (if you’re canned tuna is not already filled with it), salt, and pepper. Mix the ingredients in a way you want and like and enjoy one of the healthiest breakfasts ever!


+Bonus recipe. We have created a list of 5 interesting healthy breakfasts you should prepare for the weekend, but here’s the bonus idea! When you just don’t have time but still want to eat something healthy and tasty, go with quesadillas and the leftovers you have from the previous day! Add some chicken to your wholewheat tortilla, and load it with beans and cheese for extra proteins. Of course, it’s highly recommended to add veggies you love to get some fiber too (tomato goes perfectly with this combination).


Which of these recipes you’ll try first?

Do you have some other ideas for healthy weekend breakfasts?

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