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Could HIV be transmitted through casual contact like hugging?

Since the HIV virus has arrived, we all must admit how a lot has been done with a purpose to help those who have been infected. Besides that, people that surround those positive to AIDS/HIV have also got a chance to inform themselves properly about this deadly sexually transmitted disease. For that purpose, we can come up to the conclusion that people who are positive to HIV live easier these days, but is that really enough? Also, we think that people are more educated about sexually transmitted diseases. Continue reading because I will, unfortunately, have to reassess your beliefs about that…

asdasAre people really aware of the danger of such diseases? Do they even protect themselves properly? For example, just one new survey found out that more than 52% of young people said how they don’t even protect themselves during sexual activity, even when it comes to risky ones and new partners. New millennials aren’t definitely properly informed about the dangers of HIV and other similar sexually transmitted diseases.

Yet, there’s another problem. They don’t even know in which ways these diseases are transmitted (besides sex). Would you believe how such a ‘free’ generation that has access to countless information would decline to hug or even talk to a person who is HIV positive? More than 30% of them claimed how they wouldn’t interfere with such people. Why are they having unprotected sex then? They would avoid someone who cannot make them harm, but they would ‘run into the bed’ with a stranger and don’t use protection? Something definitely went wrong somewhere…

91% of people who are HIV positive claimed how they would hide their health issues. Why? Probably because they know how others would react and behave. Yet, is that a good thing? Hiding your diagnosis may help someone who believes how everyone would try to escape them, like family and friends, but lying about it to a new sexual partner? No way. Yet, people still do that. That is probably why we hear so many stories about people who have had sex only once in their life and got HIV.

asdfqaGen Z and millennial generations are definitely believing in so many myths and are obviously ready to stay silent when they really have a problem. I must admit how that really surprises me because we now somehow live in a so-called modern world, a soceity driven by the information…

The problem? The problem is how they are lacking proper education! Just because they read numerous different facts on the Internet every day, that doesn’t mean how they have true knowledge and good information about something.

The survey showed big knowledge gaps among HIV-negative young people who might be perpetuating long-dispelled health myths. This campaign has literally reached out to 1,600 Gen Z (ages 18 to 23) and millennial (ages 23 to 37) young adults who reported they were either diagnosed with HIV or HIV-negative.

Would you believe if I tell you that 41 % of HIV-negative Gen Z people said how they weren’t informed about HIV at all, which differs from the 23% of their older millennial counterparts who answered the same way. Very sad…

Lack of education on such a health topic can lead to increased risk, we cannot doubt that. 77% of millennials and 60% of Gen Z people have got HIV through risky sexual activity (simply haven’t used a condom).

There have been 79% of African American respondents and 85% of Hispanic or Latin respondents in this survey.

Do we really live in a world full of information? I doubt that…

Can you see the real problem? It seems like how health education doesn’t even exist anymore…


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