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Are cellphones really safe? Do people have enough information about that to decide for themselves?

It’s obvious that most people cannot live without a cell phone these days… Making calls is not the only thing we use them for today, but literally, it works as numerous other tools – a calendar, calculator, navigation, for socializing, stores all our contacts which are vital to us, allow playing games or you name it… This list is basically endless, and we don’t even think about it while we use it.

Another common use of our phones these days is connecting it to our vehicles while driving. This is an incredible characteristic because it permits us to live to connect fingers-unfastened while driving, stream music and motion pictures on the road, and get GPS instructions for road trips.

asfdVehicles have emerged as smarter and more superior, just like our cell phones, and have more ability to simplify our lives while journeying. There are also new features that protect us, like parking help, braking assistance, 360-degree cameras, Bluetooth, GPS, and so on…

But, what about the safety of the mobile device? I mean, almost every person on the planet owns it, and when authority turns a blind eye to health warnings about it, we shouldn’t stay blind about that because there is probably some hidden agenda that is not good for the mass population.

They don’t care about us, all they care about is money. 30,000 children a year in the USA with eye & brain cancers from cell phones should say something, right? Young men who keep their mobile phones in their pockets may be ‘surprised’ to hear how their sperms got literally killed by it one day.

It makes you wonder about smart TVs as well, right? Everyone is constantly talking about phone radiation, but what about the laptop? Or your microwave oven? When those were introduced to the public we were instructed to STAY AWAY while in use.

What happens to the unborn baby if mom caries phone in her coat pocket against the belly? And the Bluetooth headsets? Does wearing those right in your ear (while your phone is maybe a meter away) still subject you to microwave or RF radiation?

These devices are more radio transceivers than anything else, they emit non-ionizing radiation – which is exactly how a radio transmitter works. RF electromagnetic energy can do nasty things to your cells (and the DNA they contain, which is very fragile). We live in an absolute soup of non-ionizing RF, from the phones to AP’s which are everywhere now, nudie scanners (millimeter wave RF) at airports, etc. Like any other type of radiation, non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation is neither felt, tasted or smelled, unless the dosage is very high and/or the distance to the emitter is very small (by that time its too late).

There is actually a formula to calculate this. In the meantime even at low dosage is wreaking havoc on your poor defenseless body, whose cells operate at < a millivolt (1/100th of a volt).

But what about my habits? Do I use a smartphone? I do carry a phone, I use it as infrequently as possible, keep it in my hand, but I have a double cover on it – and I NEVER hold it up to my head – ever. These devices are not passive, nor are they benign, so, please limit your exposure for your own good…

Even neurologists claim how cell phones can make numerous problems with your ears and brain. The best advice would definitely be to use your loudspeaker appliance.

And of course, keep in mind how this cellphone ‘revolution’ has started… It all boils down to the old all mighty dollar and the multi-billion dollar profits like it always was… They all get put together over in someplace that the people get a bowl of rice and 2 cups of water working 12 hr 7 days a week. And then what? Then ship them over to lab rats here in the states and worldwide to thin out the population and wait until 5 g kicks in. The lines to the clinics will be out the doors. It’s not rocketed, science people…

asdfThis whole thing will become mute once 5G Comes into cities because 5G will be baking us everywhere 24/7 without a phone. So, 5G is way worse than this… Why on Earth are we going ahead with it? I think it’s too late, everyone who has held the phone close all their lives might be mad already and it may be too late. I certainly know people who passed away from brain tumors who spent all their workday on a mobile phone and that was many years ago now. It’s amazing how money determines everything…

Always keep in mind that even those that work with radiation know what I’m saying is absolutely true. My friend holds a radiographer’s license all her working life, but she never carries her phone in a pocket and uses the speakerphone if possible. I think it is a pretty easy thing to do and would be a good habit for everyone to try and adapt…

This computer world is literally controlling us and everything… They are controlling our entire lives. And we are definitely not safe anymore… Less than ever… These phones are little computers with a lot of heat coming through.

Know your worth and always get properly informed. God always gives us a way of escape.

Bonus advice – Turn your phone on airplane mode at night for added protection.

Did you know that cell phones are that harmful earlier?

Where do you carry your mobile device? In your hands, your pocket, or in your bag? Or nowhere?

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