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HAITI Under Siege- the paralyze nation

The mounting violation and corruption are definitely rising by each and every day in Haitian society. It seems like Haitians will have to fight for their freedom for like forever!

The news is not good at all. So far, 15 people died since the protest started, including the officer who was also shot and even burned to death! Anti-Government protests are still ongoing for almost more than a week and it is easy to see their people becoming more and more angry about the rising costs, corruption, and economic stagnation.

sfgdfWhat is their goal? Demonstrations want president Jovenel Moise to step down! Have you heard about this news? Do you live in the US? Well, that doesn’t surprise at all. USA’s mainstream media doesn’t talk at all about Haiti probably because the president of that country is American backed appointed candidate. When you compare Haiti with Venezuela, you will easily realize how media is drawing the attention to Venezuela while ignoring what is going on in Haiti.

It all started on November 18, 2018, when the police have reported how six people died and at least 5 got wounded in Haiti’s protests. They were protesting allegations of embezzlement from a Venezuelan program that provided their country with subsidized oil.

There were more than thousands of Haitians that marched in Port Au Prince and the other important parts of Haiti on Sunday. They wanted to demand a trial for officials which were involved in the alleged misuse of funds from the oil assistance team. President Jovenel Moise called for the dialog, but there were also people who called for the resignation.

Can you believe how at least 14 former governments officials allegedly misused 3.8 billion US dollars, and all that under the administration of former president Michel Martelly. The funds from Petrocaribe suddenly became the most important question for their country…

Why is the US not restoring peace? What is their plan? Is their only plan to be silent about Honduras and Haiti? Well, we all know how that is just the beginning.

What a shame is that, such a beautiful island country… People are dying and being wounded by each and every day and everyone acts like nothing is going on!

We all know that Haiti has a good relationship with Venezuela. Also, Venezuela is the only country that is truly trying to help Haiti, but that is obviously not enough.

What about the US? I have already mentioned their ”status quo” to Haiti. Yet, they care a lot about Venezuela. They probably have some huge corrupted plan, everyone can see that. Just think for a moment about the Clinton Foundation. It has stolen literally billions of the US dollars which were sent to Haiti. The truth is how the Clintons are definitely responsible for all those people who are starving in Haiti.

asdasdThink about history for a moment. Remember George Bush’s era. The US literally invaded Haiti just a few years later and reinstalled Aristide under Clinton. Once, the George Bush got into power he immediately got rid of Aristide again. It seems like everyone is doing what they want, except the poor people who are dying and starving every day.

Do you think about how this is all irresponsible and corrupted?

How much outside interference has the US made in Haiti?

Would it better if Haiti remained as a French colony? Could that save their lives?

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