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11 destinations to avoid visiting in 2019

2019 is just started, which means individuals will soon be putting together their New Year’s resolutions, and one item that is sure to pop up in mind that a list of various places to travel more. But before you go contacting your travel agency, you may want to take a look at the list of the 11 destinations to avoid visiting in 2019.

dszfdsfGalápagos Islands

It highly suggests individuals against visiting the Galápagos Island due to the region’s vulnerable ecosystem, which has been amplified by improved travel and leisure. Despite tight journey rules set up by the Ecuadorian government, more than 200,000 visitors go to islands each season, which could gradually lead to permanent damage.

North Korea

Although hardly a well-known tourist location, North Korea is frequented by an approximated 5,000 Western visitors each season, despite powerful alerts against it. In light of America student Otto Warmbier’s strange death in 2017 and continuing stress with South Korea and the United States, now is as good a moment as any to avoid North Korea.

Los Cabos

Mexico has some of the biggest murder rates in the entire globe, such as well-known tourist destinations like Los Cabos. But even with powerful travel alerts in place, an approximated 40 million individuals visited this place in 2018.


Cuba experienced a tourism boom following a thaw in relations with the U.S. under President Obama. Since then, however, President Trump has once again managed to make difficult for People in America to get into the nation, and there has even been discussion as to whether travel and leisure are helping or harming their economic system. Add to that the strange mind accidents experienced by America diplomats, and it’s probably not the best a time to go to Caribbean’s largest Island.


It wasn’t long ago that many travel guides were offering Myanmar as a must-visit spot to go for its wonderful attractions and rich history. But recent events—namely the attack on the Rohingya by the Myanmar army, have created the nation almost off boundaries to visitors.

St. Louis

There’s much to expertise in The Gateway City, from spectacular structure to sports to one of the biggest city recreational areas in the U.S., but unfortunately now isn’t the best a time to encounter any of it, as St. Louis is currently home to the highest murder rate in the nation, and in 2017 the NAACP released a travel warning for the entire state of Missouri.

zdasMachu Picchu

Like so many well-known holiday locations, Peru has had to deal with the effects of huge travel and leisure on Machu Picchu, restricting the period of your time individuals can spend at the country’s most-visited site. But part of the liability should lie with the traveler, who ought to consider discovering alternative locations in 2019.

Rio de Janeiro

Following a surge in violence that saw history murder rates in 2018, Brazil’s president called in the military to take over control of Rio de Janeiro’s public security, which only led to further violence. Even to increased police presence, the city’s tourist areas have not been safe from the rise in criminal activity.

San Juan

Not long after Hurricane Maria ravaged the island, Puerto Rico experienced one of its deadliest months on history in January 2018. Additionally, thousands of polices on an already understaffed law enforcement officials started contacting in fed up each day to demonstration lack of payment from Hurricanes Maria and Irma.


With wonderful jungles, spectacular seashores, and a variety of exciting wildlife’s, Honduras has all the ingredients of a well-known tourist location, but unfortunately, all of it is overshadowed by the country’s great criminal activity rates. Once again, in 2018, Honduras positions as one of the most dangerous locations in the entire globe.


A string of plague outbreaks in 2017 that contaminated nearly 2,000 individuals and an increase in aggressive break-ins due to great lack of employment rates arrived Madagascar on Reader’s Digest’s list of the most dangerous places in the world. Concerns over future breakouts in the nation should keep visitors away from a little longer.

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