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Google Pixel is the fastest-growing US smartphone brand w/ 43% year-over-year growth

The success of the iPhone or even Samsung’s Galaxy lineup was the most significant and known among all cell-users, Google has started to finally see success with its Pixel lineup over the last year. Now, a new report reveals that Google’s Pixel is the fastest-growing smartphone product in the United States.

According to the report from Strategy Analytics, Google’s Pixel brand is the fastest-growing brand in the United States as far as mobile phones go as of 4th quarter of 2018. You’ve probably heard that details going around during the last few days, but in the full review, Strategy Analytics shows that Google’s in-house smartphone brand increased a huge 43% since Q4 of 2017.

That’d be a pretty popular stat on its own, but when you take into account the fact that the overall US smartphone industry has decreased during the past year by 23%, it’s especially amazing. The review goes on to bring up that Google outgrew its top-ten opponents such as Samsung, Apple, and others in this time frame.

Google’s Pixel range increased a huge 43% in Q4 2018 as in comparison to Q4 2017, and that is a significant jump from the brand. This task is especially significant when you factor in that the overall U.S. smartphone industry came by a troublesome 23%.

In other words, not only is Google’s Pixel range increasing at a wonderful speed, but it’s also mechanical bull riding the overall industry pattern of an unpredictable manner.

Strategy Analytics refers to a few key reasons why the Pixel may be “catching fire” as they call it. This includes Apple seeing longer replacement rates and battery replacement and giving users less of a reason to update. Samsung also saw “soft” revenue of the Galaxy S9, and ZTE had to momentarily leave the US industry. Discount rates and deals probably also performed a role for these brands.

The review also requests the query “Is Google’s Pixel the new iPhone?” It’s an interesting query, but obviously, the revenue speaks for themselves as far as good results are concerned. Clearly, though, Google is getting attention from customers with blemishes like the amazing camera with Night Vision, Google Associate, and more. The review also refers to Google’s addition of eSIM and AI technology.

This all appears to be very amazing. However, it’s difficult to neglect the hippo in the room when reading the “Google is Starting to Takeoff” report: device revenue information. Since Google doesn’t review its Pixel revenue or shipping numbers, and Strategy Analytics doesn’t expose any device revenue information, so this claim of 43% development becomes relatively hollow.

For all we know, Google could have marketed 1 million cell phones in Q4 2017, which would mean this 43% development symbolizes that the company marketed 1.43 million mobile phones in Q4 2018. While promoting over 1 million cell phones in a quarter is certainly good, it’s nuts in comparison to what Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, and many other smartphone companies are selling.

To be reasonable, Google could have also marketed millions of cell phones in Q4 2017, which would mean it marketed 14.3 thousand cell phones in Q4 2018. That certainly appears to be a lot better. The problem is, we don’t know the perspective of this 43% development.

adfadfThe most recent information from October shows that cell phones running Android operating system 9 Pie, which would likely include every Pixel phone ever marketed, among others, and doesn’t even amount to 0.1 % of the total submission of over two billion dollars devices. Google says it hasn’t modified this information recently because of the information nourish being under servicing, but it’s hard not to think about how another review of poor Pie submission would look bad for Google’s smart range.

The final point here is that without revenue information, we don’t really know how well the Pixel range is actually doing. All we know from this review is that Pixels are selling much better than they did one year ago, which, let’s be honest, isn’t that surprising. Among many cell phone users, they are liking the new and amazing features and design of Google’s Pixel.

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