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500,000 Face Scans in a month: How China Is Using A.I. to Profile a Minority

It definitely seems like how countries with power are using A.I. with many different purposes. Are all those purposes good for us? Continue reading and find out what is happening worldwide! These are the latest news related to Artificial Intelligence!

The Muslim minority group has been tracked by Chinese algorithms built by their start-ups. It is the truth how China is literally holding more than a million Muslims who live in their western region under the radar. Why are they constantly watching them and how did they even succeeded in that?

Well, we all know what will our latest technological achievements bring us. We will at some point all be controlled, completely. Many documents and interviews that have been found lately are the proof how China’s authorities have created some sort of a secret system with whom they identify and control this Muslim group (also known as Uighurs).


So, here we are. It was just a matter of time… Some people in power using A.I. for racial profiling. I knew how our society wouldn’t do anything good with the latest technologies, they are just making those with a purpose to control us, destroy the world, and gain more power…

Their facial recognition system functions in a way where it is actually already built it in their expanding networks. Surveillance cameras are constantly trying to identify Uighurs and track them down. It seems like how China is doing everything in its power to totally control every move of their people. But, these are not their people, right? They cannot possess anyone. Just because someone lives somewhere, that doesn’t mean how that Government can do with their/our lives whatever it wants! Well, it seems like how they want to own everyone. Privacy? I think how soon we will all forget about that.

Their Government is doing everything in its power to make a vast surveillance net stronger than ever. Would you believe if I tell you how it is already able to tracks human’s DNA?

Yes, and of course, they are doing it among the people who live in Xinjiang. Of course, this Muslim group calls that place home. Will someone save those people? Save from what? That is how they think about their facial recognition. Even the police uses it nowadays to target this group in the cities they live in. The Government thinks of those cities as of their wealthiest eastern cities. Oh, we see, they are actually talking about money, right? Yes, that’s right. But, they don’t want just money, they want privacy, they want to steal our lives!

sdfWhat is your personal opinion about this whole situation? Can you even imagine how these people feel like? Can you imagine someone to track you, your child, or your parents? How would you feel about that?

The world is not worried enough about these new technologies. Yes, those can be used for some good purposes, yet, knowing how our society works-you must admit how we all should be worried a lot. It is just a matter of time until they decide to track and record our every movement.

What will be their next step, controlling our mind?

Or are they doing that already?

Do you think how people are actually not well aware of the situations which are happening all around the globe?

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