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Girls Suicide On The Rise Because Of Social Media And Wrong Standards Of Modern Society

It definitely seems like how social media and materialism are completely destroying our world. We are the witness of so many suicides among young girls. What bothers them? Let’s start with one particular example.

Madison Beer says how social media drove her to depression and left her feeling desensitized and emotionally detached. That wouldn’t be so surprising to hear until we have found out how that happened just a few days after Selena Gomez slammed dangerous online platforms. She has claimed how social media platforms are very dangerous and how those scare her.

adqfdUnfortunately, having a social media account seems like a must nowadays (not to me, but to young people). The good thing is how we still have some people who are models to young girls that want to teach them about good values. Yet, those stay in shadows. If you feel like one, I am calling you to wake up.

For example, Selena is one of many trying everything in her power to eliminate free speech. Without free speech, we’re directed and ordered. Selena even said how news should be our source! Just like go green, climate change, gun snatching… I cannot believe how this is even happening.

They have brought us some ”famous people” to tell us what to do like we cannot see how they are paid to do that. Pure evil. Their main mission is to make us feel disconnected from the true values and worthless.

Do you know who you really are? You do? Great! That means how you really want to disconnect from all that crap you hear over the social media.

People who delete their social media accounts (like me) should really be an example to everyone. Yes, you should do the same. Don’t fall on those fake lives. No, you are not unhappy. No, they are not better than you. I don’t want to see any more suicides happen because of some bizarre reasons!

We can see how we are lied to all the time. For example, today we have treatments for almost everything. Oh, do we? No, we don’t. Yet, new diseases are constantly appearing. They tell you how that is because YOU have ruined your planet, but what they don’t tell you is how they have ruined our beloved planet Earth and took all the values from young people. Now they even want to drag them into depression and make them commit suicides…

asdadfawqBut, why are nowadays girls committing more suicides than ever? Oh, you know why… Probably because all that surrounds them is not good at all. We have role models coming from Hollywood where the vast majority are transgender, cosmetic surgery, they are realizing how they can never achieve ‘those looks’… Prayer is taken from schools as well… Both parents have to work all the time and are not able to meet their child properly and see some changes in behaviors… Abortion upon demand with no parental guidance and so on and so on…

Would you be able to live in such a world if you were a young girl that doesn’t want to look like Barbie and follow this materialistic way of life? I think how you already know an answer to this question. You know it’s not good, because you still have some values left in your soul.

What do I want to say to young girls? I want to tell them how they should follow their heart and be brave enough to stand against these fake and wrong ”values” they have today served on their plate.

Are you worried about your daughter?

Women think how everything is easier for them in these times, but are they such blind not to be able to see the real situation in our society?

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