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More and more young people are dying from alcohol and drugs

Oh, well… This is definitely a hard topic to talk about, yet, it is a must to be completely honest with parents and youth all around the globe about addiction problems.

Recently, we were all able to see a daughter of Slipknot’s percussionist celebrate her 5th month of being sober. She looked very proud because she finally got rid of alcohol. But, did you know how that girl was only 22? Honestly, 22 is really young to be put on some sort of rehab, yet, I really respect her decision, to be honest with herself and undergo all those treatments.

reqwerA few days later, we were, unfortunately, able to see how the daughter of Slipknot’s percussionist, Gabrielle Chrahan, has died. When I have occasionally read that news while surfing the web, I was terrified. 22? That’s really too young to be dead.

I was wondering what happened with Gabrielle because she has recently posted how proud she is of being sober after 5 months… That story really hit me hard. I was thinking about her case for literally day&night.

Why would someone so young, healthy, beautiful, rich, and successful do that to her body? The story was really strange to me. I wanted to wait for a few days to see if they will finally realize what was the real cause of death.

At some moments, I have thought about how this young lady has overdosed with alcohol after being sober for 5 months. You know, I thought how she only waited to post on her Instagram account how she was doing well and all what goes with getting that approval from society, but something really bothered me about her story…

Unfortunately, I have read the news about how this young woman has died from an overdose from narcotics and drugs. That really broke my heart.

For a few hours, I couldn’t believe those facts because I was looking at her picture and she looked healthy to me. Besides that, her father is famous, he must have been done something about that, right? He should recognize the signs of drug addicition. Maybe he did. I don’t want him to feel even worse. Not sure what to tell about her family.

Well, unfortunately, that wasn’t the truth. So, my mind worked like this-Gabrielle got sober, but she was using drugs. What was the point of getting sober when you are a drug addict? I don’t want anyone to think about how I am talking bad about her, I really am not, I am just sorry about her.

werrYet, one thing doesn’t leave my mind. Why her family didn’t react to her behaviors? She lived with them. They 100% saw what was going on.

And you know what, numerous young people worldwide would like to be as those children of celebrities. They follow their examples. What am I talking about here at all?

My main point is to drag attention of all those young people that feel so lost and to drag attention of all those parents that close their eyes because they think how it is ”nothing serious” or they think how ”they have also done the same things when they were young” (which was probably the case of this horrible situation).

Are you completely sure that you know how to recognize some alarming signals coming from your children?

Are you constantly connecting their changes in behavior to their puberty?

Please, don’t be weak. We are talking about lives. We are talking about the future.

This shouldn’t continue.

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