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The danger of Elon Musk’s NEURALINK

But what exactly is Neuralink? In easy words, Neuralink is a “wizard hat for your brain.” Neuralink is a company purchased by Elon Musk, the visionary-in-chief behind Tesla, SpaceX and Hyperloop. Since its founding in 2016, Neuralink has remained one of Elon Musk’s quieter ventures. But the current focus is the innovation of the company. Neuralink is inventing a whole brain interface. Elon Musk’s newest venture, Neuralink, aims to bridge the gap between humans and artificial intelligence by implanting tiny chips that can link up to the brain. Basically, it will allow us to share our thoughts, hopes, feat, and anxieties without demeaning ourselves with written or spoken language. Speaking at a press conference in San Francisco, Musk announced that the company had made serious progress in animal testing. So far, Musk and his team say in their paper, they have put 19 rats into surgery in an effort to insert their threads. From those rats, they’ve seen an 87 percent successful insertion rate.” A monkey has been able to control a computer with his brain,” Musk said at the press conference, which was live-streamed on YouTube.

As it sounds extraordinary, but there are lots of problems. It’s all fun and games until you get arrested because at 2 am last night you thought about something illegal while you were sleeping. It won’t be hard for mobile phone zombies to be transitioned into accepting this type of technology. In the near or distant future, every person would get this thing transplanted in their brain, which will control their belief system. The scary part is, they don’t need physical connections to read your mind. There’s tech out there, that can decipher the brain’s electro-pulse wave activity, from a distance.


Neuralink is a counterfeit spiritual experience and sounds more like the mark of the beast.


1) First, it is impossible

2) Then only crazy people try it.

3) Then the brave

4) Then it becomes kind of trendy

5) Mainstream

6) Then you are odd if you don’t.

7) You must be crazy if you don’t.

8) Then it is mandatory for everyone.


Musk has long been on the record as being worried about a future dominated by AI. At a conference last year, he said that “the danger of AI is much greater than the danger of nuclear warheads.” Elon spoke about the dangers of AI & now he’s leading the charge to merge with it. At what point in time will people realize this man is a fraud?

Technologies are being turned directly on our biology, on our bodies and minds. The problem is we’ve given ourselves, or we’re starting now to give ourselves a power that we may not have the wisdom to control very well in the near future. Bioengineering has already allowed human beings to take control of their evolution. Whether it’s emergent cloning technologies or advanced gene therapy, we’re quickly approaching a world in which humans can and will change the way they think, talk, live, and die.

What is happening right now with science is demonic. What is happening right now is destructive to God’s work. They are altering the human race as we know it. If that’s not enough, they are creating creatures that are not meant to be created. 2020 will be remembered either as a year of turning humanity into machine or machine into humans. I never thought this technology would be around this fast. Trust me, as a child I never wanted anything more than a revolution in technology, but as the years passed by, and the research developed, I do not think the current world holds much of a safe space for this kind of revolution. The time is not far when the computer will control us.

Once Edward Snowden said, “I cannot imagine a scenario in which there would not be an endless number of governments, advertisers, insurers, and marketing folks looking to tap into the very biological core of our cognition to use it as a means of thwarting evildoers and selling you stuff. And what’s not to look forward to with that?”

asdsdThey’re going to be technologies that are impossible to resist because they’re going to be so awesome. They’re going to make us have a healthier life, live longer, and they’re going to make us feel younger. So what will they say when they are done with it? Next thing you know is the matrix, and people living in a computer simulation that does not need for people to be civil. Even scientist now can manipulate to create their human race and any organisms on the planet. They are mixing human with animals – mixing alien with humans. Don’t you think it’s a sign of the last generation?

We’ll only have two choices: be supplanted by A.I. Or merge with it. Whoever takes control of this system then in turn takes control of you. The main question is who will this serve? The one who’s connected or the one that controls the software?

Will you allow your iPhone app to control something that hooked up to your brain?

Do we really need such technology?

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