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11 MOST powerful companies in the face of the Earth- who silence a voice they don’t like!

One thing is certain – globalism is the natural enemy of freedom of expression. How is that possible? They are constantly trying to make you believe in the opposite, right? Aren’t you free now? Finally, in the era of the Internet and free speech?

Think again.

Google changes the algorithms just about every month.  It’s a headache for us who engage S.E.O., for example.

But, have you ever thought about why are they doing that? The truth is that Google was also caught rigging their algorithms to push pharmaceutical drugs over natural alternatives. Getting to know what I am talking about here now? Great.

Yet, not only Google is problematic. For example, YouTube has violated the public trust by lying to official representatives about their company-wide censorship and political bias.

How does that sound?

They continue to lie to their users and content creators. They are involved in ongoing election meddling in the United States and several other countries.

What actually has to be done? Can we experience some changes? Of course, we can.

This is one example – Google needs to be cut off from corporate welfare and they should not have special immunity under section 230 of the communications decency act. It’s time to break up Google and recognize the danger they pose to countries that value truth, trust, and freedom of speech.

Have you ever wondered who controls it all? The Synagogue of Satan controls all media. Google is controlled by an unseen power. Just like the MSM and the US Government.

Well, what else did you expect?

Their arrogance and belief that can suppress the thoughts and the will of others will be their undoing.

What options do we have left? Is not using the Internet at all the only way out? But how many of you guys are ready to live without it?

Here, I want to share 11 most powerful companies worldwide who silence any voice they don’t like. Take a look at the list below:

Facebook. When it comes to this social media platform, I am pretty sure that you have already heard at least once how they are using your data for different purposes. Besides that, every now and then some data breach happens and they are somehow always ”not responsible for that”. I personally left Facebook a long time ago and that was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my personal life so far (yes, it’s that bad).

zsfdsfdsYouTube. Here is your favorite website for listening to music, right? What’s wrong with it? ”Just” this – political interference, illegal manipulation, and censorship.

Google. I think I’ve already said it all about Google. Maybe I can add this – The founder of Google, Sergey Brin, was from the Communist USSR, he was born there.

Twitter. When it comes to politics, Twitter is definitely the biggest platform people use for that purpose. Yet, not all voices can be heard. They are controlling what you say. So, better say that you love Trump if you want your account to ‘stay alive’.

Apple. One evil company that is making billions from other people. Their products are actually not any better than others, yet they represent themselves as Gods.

Amazon. Amazon is making money from you, yes, it is. You may believe how you can publish a book there for free (I know this personally), but actually they will allow you to do that because they can earn more money from you than you will from your book. Amazon is stealing your talents.

Zara. Who would say that Zara can be found on this list? It may sound weird, but this clothing brand values more than $19.14 billion. And you know who ‘helped’ them earn so much money? Children that create their clothes. Yes, poor children work for them for like a few dollars daily just to get their meal. Will you buy something there from now on?

Instagram. A ‘place’ that is full of fake influencers that are not allowing us, who really care for this planet and mankind, to do something about it because they are like everywhere! And for what are they famous? For nudity, stupidity, making fun of everyone and you get the point. Instagram makes stupidity even more popular.

Snapchat. This social media platform is mixing humans with animals thinking about how that is perfectly okay and fun. The sad thing is that people really think of it as cute. Will people wake up and realize how it cannot be considered as normal? Countless teens are using this app on a daily basis. If you are a parent, be sure to check if your children have fallen into this trap.

McDonald’s. Like we are not fed up with all these fake news, control, clothes made by children, now we even have fast food billionaires! McDonald’s food is so unhealthy it can literally ruin your whole body in just a month! If you don’t believe that, be sure to check out the experiment about that.

asdCoca Cola. And now, your favorite drink! ”Grand finale!” I think how talking about Coca Cola is just losing time, you already know everything about it, just listen to your inner voice.

All these companies pretend how they are helping people express their own freedom! But, the truth is just the opposite. They hate the idea of freedom of expression!

Do you sometimes feel like you are in a cage?

How much sadness these companies bring to people by each and every day?

Will people one day raise together and try to change this all?

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