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They Are Calling This is a Reset But It’s All About Wiping Out Human Interaction!

“It’s not evil that will destroy the world, it’s those who stand by observing evil and do nothing.” – Albert Einstein

American exceptionalism is what has destroyed the world. We are all going down, harnessing the innovations of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. They did not lock down the world for anything. It’s all part of the planning. They want total control. The final days are here and the last antichrist is about to stand up.

Prince Charles said something about the reset 3 months ago. He said, “We need a capitalist reset.” A reset means a debt jubilee for the elite… Not us. They are calling this a reset but it’s really a wipe-out of human interaction. 7 weeks ago, at the global vaccine summit, Boris Johnson surrendered to the Bill Gates vaccine.



The End of Democracy is Here 

The COVID-19 has thrown a curveball to not just epidemiologists but democracies as well.

“The state is the servant of the citizen and not his master.” – John F. Kennedy

This situation has also facilitated governments extending surveillance on citizens by violating their right to privacy. The inbuilt surveillance app of South Korea or Singapore keeps a track on the smartphone owners’ GPS locations and allows for personal data exchange with the application. There is no clarity on what happens to the encrypted data saved on government servers once the pandemic is over. Israel has decided to use secretly collected pools of citizen data under its counterterrorism exercise for the contact tracing of COVID-19 patients.

In Hungary, the Prime Minister’s decrees have automatic approval of its legislative body, which has allowed him to take away funding of political parties to “fight coronavirus.” On the other hand, the supposed protector of democracy, the judiciary has been completely silenced. This was witnessed in Israel where Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has shut down the courts. Is it just a coincidence that he was facing three criminal cases for bribery, fraud, and breach of trust?

The attack and removal of monuments is the end of democracy. Because when leaders are chicken shit and give in to demands of mob undermines the voice of the entire population.


We are all going down!

The fastest way to build new infrastructure is to burn down the old. America was the last country that needs to be seduced. It’s here. The last nation offers men who are about to be subjugated like the rest of the new world order.

The faster they burn America down, the faster they can have knees on everyone’s neck. NWO is just handing out the rope. When you push a reset button you have to hold it for a few seconds before releasing the button. I believe we are in the holding of the button of the Beast system.

It’s sad how America is going down in front of everyone’s eyes and most Americans are still living with fake hope and waiting for things to go back normal.

Amazon and Walmart were the only places open to spending. Just think about how much money Amazon and Walmart got from the stimulus money you know that was part of the plan.

“Wolves in sheep’s clothing.” That’s how they’re going to sell it, as always, as ‘cool.’ I just don’t get how stupid the masses have become! There was a time when the Bible outsold every other book on the globe.

This is so disgusting and heart-breaking!


Technology is Part of The Agenda

The final stage of this new world order agenda is the technology and they want to implement this social credit system everywhere. What’s happening in China is also happening in Israel.

Read more about the Chinese social credit system here –

Every information is now transformed into an electronic form. When all information is transferred to electric form, we may never have existed for a future civilization. They could now wipe the entire history of everything, and start fresh. I think any hard copy book will be most valuable in the near future. They will not want the past to exist, only the narrative of dictators.

asdfqefCoronavirus testing is taking the situation to another level. The more they test, the worst it gets. It does not sound right. They do not even guarantee that tests are safe and do not contain any viruses or contaminants. viruses do not go airborne but you can infect someone if you violate their mucus membrane with aggressive invasive testing nonsense.

If we the people don’t unite and stand up against this Tyranny then we as Americans even the Human Race won’t make it.

Have none of these people ever heard of the book of Revelation?! Do they not see the parallel here? That just blows my mind! I want off this hell of Earth!


Hosea 4:6 KJV – My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children.

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