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Our World has Changed!

Something is happening around us…  Can you feel it? Can you smell it in the air? What is it? Something ominous is here and it is definitely getting bigger & stronger every single day! But, fear not, for even in times of worry… You should always keep your faith in the Lord, and be ready for what is coming next.

Whatever was written in the prophecy came, and this time, the escape won’t be able again. Remember the “Third Temple” for example… Not one stone remained of it later. That is exactly what will happen here, with us, and our society. Although they are ‘constructing’ something huge, stronger, and probably horrible, in the end, that won’t be their success, no matter how hard they try to control our entire planet.

The problem today is that people don’t know how powerful they are. Society doesn’t exist without you, me, and other people. We are the ones who can change the world, but unfortunately, too many are even afraid to speak and feel!

It is becoming obvious – The world’s a stage and it’s full of actors and liars!

wsfwerfI really believe that we are coming to the beginning of an end. All these things must come to pass but, the end is not yet… What will happen when they pass? Can we expect to live normally again?

The world is run by psychopaths with no empathy or compassion whatsoever. Seek truth regardless of the cost. Seek truth and you will always lead a fair life.

No one will be ready for what is coming next… Only people that have peace in hard and clear minds will recognize what is coming and understand it.

This world is getting darker and darker every second and every day, and the sad thing is that it’s gonna get worse in the coming months but hold on to. The problem with the world is who’s running it? That’s how it got to the place where it is now. Please name me one normal person who is running this world? Please tell me just one name that has power and doesn’t kill, steal, or hurt others. Can’t do that? Probably, no one can because there isn’t anyone normal there thinking about the whole planet and deciding instead of us. They are creating our lives in the way they want! But they won’t succeed for all…

Aaron Russo tried to warn us in his movie “America; Freedom to fascism”. Look it up and I promise you it will blow your mind.

When you think about all these religious leaders, you will easily realize how they are putting us under great danger with this.

This is as it says in the last book of the Bible (Revelations),  A One World Government and A One World Religion by the United Nations who will rule all people of the world and demand that if you want to eat you must have a tracking device, microchip inserted into your body. Once inserted all thoughts and feelings of God will be removed from your mind. People who have these chips now say this happened to them already.

What should be your faith then? What will be a spark in your heart? Nothing, there will be no spark, only their Government! It should become your main thing in overall life! Look up agenda 21 to see how the U.N. plans to take your homes, cars, farms, boat, you name it, etc. Once that happens, then will force you to live in a 1000 sq foot apartment in cities with walls around them. This is Communism and you will be begging for your chip, literally…

In Germany, there is new insurance that offers an RFID implant for your hand when you buy their insurance in combination with a home security system. It got a huge backlash from the German population which totally rejected it with a lot of anger. People gladly are not that blind anymore. Luckily, that thing has started to change, at least for a bit!

Notice how the U.N. devils are using children to sell the One World Idea. Only God can stop the evil in the land and he is heading this way so get ready to see the battle for good and evil soon.

In what world do we live in? Globalization is EVIL! But, you cannot force others together, the true beauty of this world is how each of us is unique, and different, and the minute you hear someone trying to tell you that that’s wrong & we need to “come together”, instead of working on bettering ourselves, then you know who your enemy is. This is another atheistic ploy to push a one-world government & religion in a time when they know they are losing their power more than ever before.

adgfwr”We know many things for certain, God laughs at the plans of men – for he is in charge at all times.”

We will have a world government whether you like it or not the only question is whether the world government will be achieved by conquest or consent.

-said in the US Senate in 1950 (by Zionist banker “Warburg”)

Luckily, a lot of people have started to realize what is going on and what they plan for us, so I believe that we will at least succeed in keeping our own uniqueness, and when the perfect moment comes – take our world back and enjoy living in healthy and peaceful humanity.

Do you feel more stressed in the last few months than usual?

Are you constantly tired because of the bad situation in our society?

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