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Will you be single forever?

For many people, the thought of being single forever is scary. It is literally the worst. While there is no guarantee in life that you won’t end up alone, there are definitely things that you might be doing right now that could possibly contribute to it. And, no, it has nothing to do with how many cats you have.


Here are the signs that you’re headed in that direction.


You refuse to give new people a chance: It’s like it’s just not in your nature to accept anyone into your life. You’ve gotten to the point where when someone smiles at you, your immediate reaction is to scowl and runaway.

afdwefdYou’re constantly spouting off about how you won’t settle: Yeah, we get it: You’re not going to settle. But telling everyone over and over again isn’t going to convince you or anyone else that that’s why you’re single. Get over yourself.


You have insanely unrealistic expectations: It’s really important to have standards and also important to have expectations of people, but when you get to a point that no one, not even Superman, can meet those expectations, you’re just dooming yourself and your future.


You don’t really go anywhere or try new things: Listen, everyone loves delivery and Netflix, but if you’ve been on a Netflix and delivery binge for more than 30 days in a row, then it needs to re-evaluate things.


You go into every date thinking it’s going to suck: Dating is exhausting and time-consuming, and sometimes that dude from a dating site who seems like the greatest thing in the world on paper is actually a damn sociopath. But you can’t always assume the worst, because then you never open yourself up to the possibility of finding the best.


You think sharing your space is the worst idea ever: It’s one thing to not want to share your bed, but it’s another thing if the thought of sharing any other corner of your world makes your cringe and convulse.


You’ve stopped being invited to parties because you’re a killjoy: It’s not that your friends don’t like you, it’s just that their friends don’t understand your brand of humour ― or at least this is what they tell you.


You can’t get over your ex: You still make time throughout your day to stalk your ex online and you constantly update your Instagram to show just HOW HAPPY YOU ARE WITHOUT your ex. You know, just in case he/she’s checking your account, which he/she probably isn’t.

afedwefdYou compare everyone you meet to your ex: Your ex is your ex for a reason, but yet you seem to see the crap that he/she put you through as something superior to the good stuff someone new might do.


You’re content being the third wheel: Most people hate being the third wheel because things run best with four wheels, but you just don’t see it that way. You’ve somehow managed to convince yourself that your best friend and her boyfriend are just solo stoked to cater to you, and you alone, yet again.


You fall in love too easily: You’re actually that person who halfway through dinner on a first date announces that you’re falling in love. Yikes. Then you spend the next couples weeks wondering why your new BF is totally ignoring you like the plague.


You don’t remember the last time you were able to take the hint: People don’t text you back, but you keep on texting. The guy you dated for a hot minute is totally ghosting you and yet you’re standing outside his work every day on your lunch break. Your friends try to point out the harsh truth and you stare blankly at them. Sound familiar? Yeah… you’re going to be alone for a damn long time.

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