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Get glowing & healthy-looking skin this summer with these simple tips

Yes, summer is here and we all want to get that glowing and healthy-looking skin! How hard can it be? After more than a year of this pandemic and a lockdown, we’re all craving some vitamin D and sunshine, that’s for sure.

If you’re changed your habits for the worse or stopped caring for your skin in a proper manner, I’ll help you get on the right track with a few simple ideas.

Besides that, it’s summertime, and we need to be the best versions of ourselves, don’t we?

Here’s how…

fgerferChange your dinner. What does your dinner look like? Some fast food? Maybe pastry or meat? You definitely have to replace one entire meal of your day with a salad. No, you won’t be hungry because you can eat as many veggies as you want (as long as you’re eating only veggies for that meal). So, for your new summer dinner that will bring you glowing skin, choose a salad made of fresh tomatoes, cucumber, green leaves of all sorts, and anything you like. This way, your body will have enough time to get rid of toxins throughout the night, and besides that, you’ll help your organism fix all those bad cells with a bunch of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that come from veggies. Glowing and healthy-looking skin guaranteed!


Be sure to really stay hydrated. Beer? Cider? Cocktails? Yes, it’s summertime and people often crave such drinks. Yet, those will definitely make your skin look dull and dehydrated. If you still want to have that cocktail, be sure that you drink two glasses of water after it. Alcohol is known to dehydrate your entire body, and especially the skin. That’s really problematic in the summer season…

Putting on a facial beauty mask should become a habit. Create your own simple beauty facial masks that will instantly refresh your entire looks. If you are struggling with those stubborn bags under your eyes, use cucumber. Ice cubes are also amazing because they work as an instant face lifter. Anything cold is capable of making that tiredness go away. For dehydrated skin, try yogurt. For anti-wrinkle treatment, go with eggs and honey. The most important thing here is to make this a habit – do it once or twice per week and you’ll see the changes.


Rethink your makeup routine. If you’re still using that dark eye pencil even in these summer months, that means you should rethink your makeup routine. What would be a better choice? Brighter colors, like turquoise, are a better choice. When it comes to foundation, be sure to switch to BB or CC creams. And for lips, go with colored lip balms or light lip glosses. Yes, your face will look at least 5 years younger and definitely fresher this way!

sffrCleaning your skin before going to sleep. Yes, I know that you are well-aware of getting that makeup off and cleaning your skin every night, but you’ll have to add something extra to that beauty cleaning routine. Find a natural soap that’s suitable for your face. In summer, our faces sweat a lot which can cause blocked pores. Be sure that you, after cleaning your face from makeup, use that natural soap. Glowing skin – 100%!


Overall, it’s not hard. Everything you should do is to make these tricks your routine.


Do you have your own beauty secrets for getting healthy-looking skin?

Which of these tips will you try to implement in your new routine?

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