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Is the beauty you see – all beauty that exists? (or how they want to trick us)

Is the beauty you see – all beauty that exists? (or how they want to trick us)

Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but there are certain standards that you can use to judge whether you have a beauty or not. Different people have their own different standards, but some things are definitely unique for everyone, like symmetry. Beautiful People are everywhere, have you realized that?

Everybody wants to see them because they add glamor and spice up our lives. People often say how they have a feeling of happiness or pleasure when they are surrounded or talking with beautiful people.

Beauty is something that is very important in today’s world, we cannot doubt that. Suddenly, literally everybody wants to look beautiful, to be pretty to everyone…

Beautiful People Magazine has taken on the responsibility to highlight the people who leave the greatest impression in terms of beauty. First, it is important to realize that beauty here includes everything. It’s not just one thing. It is assessed on the basis of the hair, clothing, body, shoes and, above all, all these factors are important, as the way they are connected with that certain person.

adffsfsdfBeautiful People Magazine conducts an annual contest and publishes some of the most beautiful people in the world. How a person presents themself is also taken into account when assessing beauty, be sure to keep that in mind. Both our inner and outer beauty have to be in balance. You know, it’s not just about class, it’s about the state of mind and soul.

But how our society classifies true beauty? Can they talk about true beauty and all, related to their standards?

What do you expect from an app created by the Chinese government to dumb down western youth? Tick Tock, for example, is a Chinese government-owned spy-bot malware & facial recognition software. Social Media would probably be pretty cool, but humans keep showing up to ruin it. So, all in all, it’s obvious that Tik Tok is a messed up company. Almost as unethical as the Russian government…

The world is composed of both ugly and beautiful, healthy and sick, rich and poor, you can’t eliminate one completely, you know that… Besides that, nothing is totally ugly, nothing is totally beautiful. The world would be totally boring if there were no illusions… There is no white only and black only…

But knowing the truth at a deeper level helps. It also helps to look at the world through the allegory of Plato’s cave for the Neoplatonists. What we see is reflections on the walls of the cave but we don’t see what causes the reflections. A person is composed of, on the average, 7 * 10^27 atoms. That’s actually a number 7 followed by incredible 27 zeros! Can you imagine that? Can it be nothing besides those atoms that make us look in some particular way? Unfortunately, some people cannot see anything else…

We are made from seven billion billion billion atoms. Just amazing, isn’t it? When all atoms are counted, we get 2/3 of hydrogen, 1/4 of oxygen, and 1/10 of carbon. What about that one percent that is left? There must be something more in us, besides hydrogen, oxygen, and carbon, right? Yes. That 1% is you. That’s your soul. That’s where your beauty starts and ends…

Although that is a big number, the atoms are so small that a person is a mostly empty space. Yet, what we perceive is a body that is smooth and continuous. The atoms are also in motion at near light speed. so it is a blurred image of atoms that the brain renders. So What is the ultimate nature of the reality we see?

Evidence is growing that the world is a hologram. The 3-dimensional world we see could very well be a reflection of 2-dimensional reality, for example…

We never get to see these tech companies Apps called Tik Tok as surveillance tools, regardless if you’re in China or the US. Their videos of thots and cosplayers are lowering the quality of every video on YouTube. One more reason not to be bothered with this Tik Tok thing – We all know that ain’t something new. It’s the oldest form of censorship since time began. And unfortunately, it still works…

I see the patriotic Americans in this thread smack-talking China. They talk about it like this doesn’t happen in full force here as well! All of these social media giants have joined with our Intel Agencies and Pentagon to do the surveillance that they themselves aren’t ‘supposed’ to do. Corporate powers have merged with State powers = Fascism. And does anyone ever read the terms of use of Tik Tok, Facebook, or Twitter?

adfdswfEven banking apps? All of them require you to turn over control of your phone to them. They can turn on your cameras, audio, video, anything you can imagine! And all that, without your knowledge at any time!

And yet people agree to the terms! And now YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and many others are working in concert with the Government in censoring, shadow banning, demonetization, independents that counters and disputes the Government’s narrative on the issues, making sure it’s their lies and propaganda you’re smothered with. How exhausting…

So folks, listen here – Don’t be so quick to belittle China. At least their government is honest about being an Authoritarian. Ours is too, but claiming to be a democracy. I got sick just by thinking about such a lie…

How do you feel like an individual in this world full of lies?

What is that 1% of atoms in a human being? Can it be something remarkable?


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