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How Technology lies to you every day

Ever observe the media through TV, laptop, TABs, and different digital devices are full of negative content? How is the media feeding this negativity to us and the way is it mendacity on each day basis? Consider the following options and justify:


Murder, kidnapping and ransoming are bold information in the media which scares the demise of people and makes us want to suppose poor approximately our surroundings and the arena.


Theft is common and does always happen. More of it happens in underdeveloped nations. Robberies are equally rampant and sometimes they’re very well deliberate and executed so that it takes time to find out the suspects and culprits in the back of the action. These are highlighted in the media, making us sense insecure.


Once in a while bankruptcies do show up and they grow to be hot news in the media, destructive the photo and popularity of the banks.

afdsdswGlobal warming

Global warming is a difficulty taken up for the reason that overdue eighties. Chlorofluorocarbons (or CFC’s) from commercial smoke and exhaust fumes from running motors on the streets seems to be the reason of the trouble with the aid of depleting the ozone layer much better up within the sky, letting in UV rays of the sun to reach us, which is risky for us, via warming up the worldwide temperature so that after a particular time, a scenario will rise when we can discover it tough to breathe. This is the situation given to us because of the past due to the eighties and covers lots on the media.

Shortage of natural resources

One day the natural resources on this earth will run out and we can face problems, leading us to a sluggish loss of life. This is likewise the scenario the media desires to gift to us.


Bombshells, wounded people and dead our bodies in war-going international locations are shown on media giving us the impression there isn’t any peace in the world.


Rape will continually be a difficulty where slender and beautiful ladies are concerned. But the media exaggerates a bit greater to make juicy stories.

Summing up, none of the news inside the media does us any true other than making us think in poor terms. The media is mendacity to us.

There are instances of crimes, murders, robberies, and thefts all over the earth. But there may be also right happening within the world. For instance, an increasing number of humans are getting interested in self-development, making improvements to themselves and contributing undoubtedly to the sector.

Bankruptcies do occur but we do not have to fear whenever we put money into banks because the governments and the coolest humans accessible are inclined to help. In most instances, even supposing they do show up, we can get returned what we deserve.

So sooner or later there may be a shortage of natural resources. That at some point hasn’t arrived yet. So why bother? Instead, enjoy life by way of sharing jokes and anecdotes with buddies and colleagues. Have a considerable mindset and faucet into the abundance of huge assets of this life.

dasffThere can be unrest and battle in the world. If we have freedom and peace, so why let the news make us sense the poor? Why not attain out to the sector along with your inspiring messages and write self-help books in addition to the books for your area of interest for the extra properly of humanity?

The rape of young and beautiful ladies will occur in the harshness of this world. But they can escape it through being cautious, candid and playing secure. It is not a problem for us to fear at all. We stay in secure vicinity on this earth. We have houses with protection alarms/watchmen. So long we’re careful, the thought of rape shouldn’t make us sense insecure. We can pressure to places we want and mingle with human beings we want but we just need to know a way to be secure and secure and preserve our wits.

So all of the negativity in the media through the era of TV, laptops, iPads, TABs, etc. Bombarded to us should not affect us negatively too. At least we should not allow it. It is much suitable, hope, magic, and happiness obtainable to make us experience wonderful and uplifted so that we will paintings with Technology in empowering ways.

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