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Africa may face a full blow famine

Does the world ignore South Sudan? Actually, we are not just talking about it, but it seems like how besides South Sudan the entire world has also been ignoring Africa and all poor people around the whole globe for so long.

“Has the world forgotten South Sudan?” The real question here is – Which world? You know, when it comes to mainstream media, they always like to represent the world as only the West. It’s completely obvious to everyone now that Africa has been in turmoil for decades…

There’s one true fact about this world that cannot be doubted – The entire society has become numb. People suffer at someplace but in another place we have resources and the suffering could have been escaped if people just shared. But of course, that doesn’t happen, and it probably won’t happen in the future as well. Only a few are enjoying the resources of this world, while they are at the same time producing pain and poverty for the others.

asfweThe majority are suffering… Who is responsible for this situation? Humanitarian groups are warning that almost 65% of South Sudan’s population will face ‘catastrophic’ famine. And it will happen if aid couldn’t be able to reach areas affected by floods, violence, and the pandemic. A joint report by three UN agencies says that about 6.5 million people in the region are facing starvation and that number could just rise within the upcoming months. Nothing good is about to happen, and probably, the situation can become worse because no one reacts.

Aid agencies blame the worsening situation on the violence that has made it impossible to produce food, as well as dangerous and difficult to deliver aid. A few weeks ago, the UN released $7 million in emergency funding to try to avert famine. So, what can be done to save Africa’s youngest country?  THEY say nothing, but that’s not the truth…

But let’s make another big and important question – How can African need help? They have a lot of resources, don’t they?

Hmmm… Let us think this way – Is it because the same people that are promoting this narrative are the ones robbing Africa and devaluing their money? You know the answer already.

Unfortunately, there are many African leaders in that country that are also corrupted and will continue to throw African countries into meaningless wars that don’t help them to progress. They love to keep them imprisoned, sick, sad, and poor because that’s the easiest way to rob them entirely. It’s sad that even the same nations don’t work for themselves anymore. It all became about a few men now, who want to get richer and richer each and every day. Their hunger for power is destroying millions of people worldwide.

Countries like Rwanda, Kenya, Ghana, and Tanzania are doing a lot better in the leadership roles in Africa. Their presidents are leading Africa into the development of higher education and unification with the diaspora.

sfswefAfrica will NEVER be free of war unless they redraw those Colonizer borders, that’s for sure…

Everyone hopes that their people will wake up and protest against all those who have been sabotaging them for decades, and God will give them the power to succeed in gaining freedom and beautiful life…

Genesis 25:25 ”Is one behind this evil against the darker nations…”

What is the future of African countries?

What are the most common problems their people face on a daily basis?

Share your opinion in the comment section.

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