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VENEZUELA’s story (or the story about the whole world)

It seems like how many powerful people are hiding the real truth about Venezuela. Yet, not everyone! Continue reading and find out the latest news about this country and how it has affected the whole world!

President Trump has met with Columbian President, Ivan Duque, amid Venezuela’s deepening political crisis. ”All options are on table”-claimed the US envoy to Venezuela Elliott Abrams which testified to Congress, while denying how they were actually planning military action in Venezuela.

Does this remind you of something? How about of the excuse to fight ”terrorism” in Venezuela?

When you just think for a moment, you will easily realize how actually all the US Congress are completely the same as Elliot Abrams. Everyone agreed to his words and everyone is still agreeing with him now. It seems like how bad criminals completely stick together like the Bad Apples!

asdasdWhat do you think, for how long will fellowship Americans allow such corrupted oligarchy to survive and spread its roots? How many more countries must be destroyed? How many children will be murdered?

We all know that behind this all is Venezuela’s world’s largest reserve supply of crude oil. Everyone sees what the US is doing, they are literally ready for some Tolkien’s novel…

The US is ”so almighty” it can do whatever it wants. They think they can demonize any country they want. It seems like how whatever the US wishes, it instantly becomes the law for the whole planet! The US constantly expects the whole world to listen to them, to bow to them, and to do sacrifices!

Why are they doing this? They know very well how they have the most powerful military, therefore, they think how they become Gods!

What do you think, can Americans protest such actions? Not at all. Their people need to sacrifice their lives for their plans and missions! Their soldiers don’t want to be there, or at least, most of them don’t.

People tend to talk a lot about the American dream and how great everything is there for everyone. How true is that? Not true at all. When they kill, slaughter, massacre, everyone there and worldwide too has to cheer and say it’s righteous and fair.

fsadsadThe sad thing about this whole story is that some people believe how all Americans are aggressive, corrupt, invasive, blood-thirsty, defiant, devious, wicked or you name it, but people there actually just had it enough and are so SICK AND TIRED OF THE HYPOCRISY, DEMONIZING, MEDDLING OF OTHER COUNTRIES’ AFFAIRS AND INVASIONS.

What is happening all around the globe? More and more people are accepting this by each and every day. Let’s take a look at that through the list:

  • People are boycotting all American brands and products;
  • Most of the people cease to accept US$ for any trades and purchases;
  • No one wants to have anything with American banks;
  • The tourism in the USA is becoming worse and worse by each year;
  • Refusing to travel by American’s airlines;
  • Stopping all the investments in the USA;
  • Do not welcome American investments;
  • Encouraging their importers to source their goods anywhere but to the US;
  • Encouraging the retailers too not to sell brands and products which are made in the USA;
  • Redirecting their children when it comes to education (stay away from the USA!).

These are the messages people are sending by each and every day. They are getting more people to spread these words and follow them. As you can realize, very soon, the USA will be completely isolated from the rest of the world.

It is obvious why many countries don’t want to have anything with the US anymore. Just think about South America for a moment. Everything will become clear in your mind. They see how many countries the US has destroyed already, like Libya, Afghanistan,Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Chile,el Salvador and so on.

zdsfsdfIs America responsible for so many genocides they have made?

Can we expect World War III to start soon?

Are you sad about their people?

They have not deserved to be treated this way just because of Trump and the other people who have power.

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