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Why more than 3,020 pilots are suing Boeing?

Thousands of pilots are suing the aircraft manufacturer Boeing over economic damages stemming from the grounding of 737 Max 8 planes after two fatal crashes. This lawsuit is going to be a major headache for Boeing, that’s a fact…

The negative image they have right now is going to be a very difficult one to recover from –  if they ever recover at all. This situation is so ugly it can even lead them to bankruptcy.

afdfsdsIt’s no secret that corporate greed leads to stupidity. Hundreds of innocents are now dead just because of some ”software issue”. That’s not acceptable! This was a design fault by Boeing. They always chose profits over safety bringing. Boeing doesn’t care about bringing the public in danger. Just think about all those families of the victims. Self-flying plane?

Boeing, in general, makes great aircraft. So, the question is who is responsible for such a tragic event? Is it the CEO? He may be.  He’s responsible for the choice they made!

Boeing has now become a reckless corporation. They’ve completely destroyed the trust their brand once had.

Should we also blame the FAA? It seems like how nobody scrutinizes FAA. But the things are completely clear. Just remember who certified the Max for the first time.

The FAA has definitely lost credibility and a second certification (read as re-certification). I believe how people won’t accept to fly with Boeing ever again.

Have you realized how it always goes with America? Their companies really do crazy stuff and think about how they will get away with it. And most of the times they do, but not when the products are used elsewhere in the world.

The whole world is involved now. It’s funny when they say how Boeing is the US ONLY major airline manufacturer. What happened to the American antitrust law?

Another myth, another same story… This is all pretty much as the fake American “democracy”, better known as fakemocracy.

All in all, whom to blame? Boeing should take the accountability of the faulty design. FAA should take accountability for approval of the airworthiness of the planes. Was a business model taken from big Pharmaceuticals?  And yet, to this day, still no one at Boeing that made the decisions which have killed all those people have been prosecuted for any wrongdoing!

Murdering innocent people cannot go unnoticed. They believe how no one sees, but we do see it all.

When it comes to trying to think about the situation clearly, keep just one thing in mind – Boeing is also losing money over this flaw. Is the FAA who are the ones responsible for the certification of the plane.

Overall, Boeing did make some mistakes but the FAA is also allowed to make ones and, after all, they are all only human… Can we think about this situation in such a way as well?

asdadfSome people will think about this situation that way, while the others will probably do everything in their power to escape interfering with Boeing and their services.

Yet, one thing is certain – this must not be forgotten. Human lives are in danger. I hope they will learn from their mistakes.

From your personal opinion – will Boeing completely lose their image now?

Will they even bankrupt?

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