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Who is responsible for Amazon fire?

People just love to play dangerous games, but always with someone else’s lives or futures. It seems like how society also enjoys ruining our planet by each and every second. This is not the first time something bizarre like this to happen, yet no one didn’t have a plan to burn the lungs of the Earth – until recently…

zasdasdAnd again, the same story… There are like a few people acting as the whole world is just theirs. They literally argue through fires, epidemic diseases, wars, etc. As you can realize – we are the victims of their games. Our future is defined by their actions. Our children will live in a world they create (or better said destroy). And the planet Earth? Oh, poor, poor planet… I often feel ashamed in the name of mankind.

So, who are those people I am talking about? Those are a few in power who controls everything. I don’t know how that man or a woman is called in your country, but the name doesn’t matter – their intentions are what should we be worried about.

Who set the fire? The Amazon fire was probably set by Deep state… Nothing new, nothing someone who already knows the truth wouldn’t expect. They don’t like what the new Brazilian leader is doing thwarting their criminal efforts. As I’ve said already, they are acting like they are playing chess. Our planet, our lives, that’s all a game to them. For what? For their own interests of evil.

Yes, the Earth is a mess but the planet itself didn’t make it this way – that is what mankind did to it. They will tell you how this happened because of global warming. Are you as well so sick and tired of same and repeated lies made with a purpose to cover their plans and actions?

This is pure weather modification. This is 100% greed. Just think about the earthquakes in California. Yes, those have increased. Why? Because of the same reason. Millions of drill points across California and quakes are happening at these drill points. Ice isn’t melting because of global warming… It’s melting because of the greedy manipulation of the weather.

They want to melt the ice so they can take what’s underneath Antarctica.

I think that you realized the point now. It really wasn’t hard.

So, these huge fires are not ravaging the Amazon rainforest. It is just their agenda and obviously, we are not even a part of it. We don’t have a chance to decide about anything happening to this planet anymore.

zcsdfsdI must admit how they have been really successful so far. Their core mission of making up some weird stories and doing what they want – you must admit how they won so many times.

The society even makes jokes about these conspiracies so people can hear about them but in the wrong way. You can see countless TV shows telling you exactly what I am talking about here, but then you will find countless channels on the web making so much of them. That is the way to make people question those ”fake stories”.

They want you to be alone because you cannot have the power that way.

And then America says – ”In God we trust.” …

What is your personal opinion of Deep state?

What do you think is their main mission?

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