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12 Changes in daily habits that could make a great improvement

Make your bed

Even if I look like your mother, yes, you have to make your bed. Not only is it nice to lie in a made bed at night, but it is also important for the success of your day. Making your bed every morning signifies a small victory before you even drink a cup of coffee, subconsciously motivating you to achieve thousands of small victories throughout the day.

Organize To-Do Lists by Life Goals

Creating a to-do list isn’t revolutionary advice, but how do you prioritize when considering what needs to get done each day? Before you create your next bucket list, ask yourself where you want to be in 5 or 10 years. Everything on your to-do list should also be a step toward achieving those long-term goals. For example, develop a business growth strategy, take a 30-minute online course, or find out if your goal is to be more active. In other words, even the simplest to-do lists can have a long-term perspective.

Creating a to-do list of your goals will help you learn where you should spend your time and where you could spend less. Of course, you still need to do mundane chores or boring tasks but think about where you can outsource these tasks. So prioritize what will get you closer to your goals to ensure you can achieve them.

Eat more leafy greens

Health does not always mean radical transformation. In reality, it’s mostly a series of small habits and additions to your diet that lead to a healthier and better overall lifestyle. Don’t focus on eliminating food groups or limiting what you can and can’t eat (this can lead to overeating or an unhealthy relationship with food). Instead, add leafy greens to at least two meals a day: add spinach to an omelet, toss the kale in pasta sauce, and order a side salad at a restaurant.

Setting Deadlines

You know from college nights and work projects that if you have a deadline to meet, you will find a way to meet that deadline. What distinguishes an assignment from our superiors or a Shakespeare 101 assignment from a personal goal is that we typically don’t have a deadline that motivates us to complete it by a certain date. No matter how small and specific it may be (e.g., replacing an old sofa, making friends with a coworker, building an emergency fund, or running three miles), set a concrete and realistic deadline.

Instead of taking a break from social media, get up and move

You know it, you love it, and you can count on it: a quick break from your non-stop work to do a quick browse on social media. At this point, opening a social media app may seem like a no-brainer when you’ve just completed a task and need a reminder before moving on to the next one. But instead of scrolling through Instagram, checking Snapchat, or updating TikTok, get up and move to refresh yourself between work tasks. A few jumps, a mini dance party, yoga, or

stretches are enough to energize your body, reset your mind, and help you focus better for the rest of the day.

Read more

I’m the queen of excuses when it comes to reading more often.”I’m too tired,” “I don’t have any new books,” and “How else can I use my free time when every season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is on Peacock!” is broadcast?” These are excuses that I use regularly. But reading isn’t just fun; it’s good for you. Whether it’s a break before bed, an afternoon break, or a ritual you look forward to at the start of the day, carve out a little extra time to read.

Clean up your room before bed

I know, I know: the last thing you want to do after a long day is tidy up (horror!). However, dishes left in the sink or laundry piled on a chair (we all have chairs) can leave us feeling less than fully relaxed when we go to bed at night, or even more stressed the next day. Clutter in your space can lead to clutter in your mind. So before bed, take an extra five minutes to run the dishwasher, clean the kitchen countertops, and organize any papers and laundry items that have accumulated in your room.

Sit with your back straight

Bad news for all idiots: Your posture can affect your physical and mental health. Adopt better posture for your overall health by straightening your back and relaxing your shoulders (and stop looking at your phone!). Did you just sit higher now? Start by consistently working on improving your posture throughout the workday. If you’re like me and want to be special, you can also try setting reminders with notifications on your phone or sticky notes around your apartment, or you can set a note as your phone wallpaper that will remind you to correct your posture whenever you check the time. Or read a text message.

Taking the stairs or additional steps

It is better to take the stairs instead of the escalator or park a little further away from the grocery store. If your schedule is so intense that starting a workout causes more stress, it could be harming your health instead of improving it. It’s time to stop thinking of “workout” as a one-hour HIIT class and start living a more active lifestyle and moving when we can. In general, moving more than sitting has a big impact on your overall health and well-being.

Manage your money based on what makes you happy

I am the last person who should be giving financial advice. I had never considered taking a business class in college, and after graduating, the only thing I knew about money was how to budget for Starbucks. But there’s one piece of financial advice that stuck with me: Money is vital energy. I started to understand money differently when I realized that money is just a return for the effort and energy we put in about 40 hours a week.

So think about how you want to use energy in your life; do you enjoy going out for drinks with a friend you don’t like partying with, or do you buy a top you’ll never wear? When you manage your money based on your likes and dislikes, you reduce the stress that comes with spending on vacations, things, and experiences that you truly love. Invest in yourself too: join a gym, buy an online course, and open a savings account. The more money you invest in something, the more likely it is to become a habit.

Sleep More

Easier said than done, right? But don’t worry: even if it seems impossible to sleep longer, it’s a habit like any other. Clean up your sleep routine, try some of our favorite products, or stop looking at your damn phone for an extra restful (good) night’s sleep. You can also try going to bed five minutes earlier than the day before until you wake up feeling rested and full of energy and not like a zombie. Let’s stop hitting the snooze button too, shall we? This will only harm your body, and if you go to bed early enough (to hell with Netflix!), you should wake up naturally and easily.

Limit your decisions

Every day, in the first few minutes after waking up, we make many decisions: whether to take a nap, what to wear (that’s about 100 different decisions), and when to go back to bed. , to be or not to be (that is the question here, especially if you didn’t sleep enough last night). Small decisions add up to overwhelming decisions. Decision fatigue is a fact of life, which is why at the end of a long day we choose to deliver pizza instead of cooking or skip training altogether when we have to think about what time slot would be best.

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