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10 Cool beauty trends to watch out in 2019

2019 is here!  Strengthen your brow game, opt for natural makeup and glossy nude and pastel nails as these beauty looks will take over in 2019.

We brought you a list of top five beauty trends you should watch out for in the year 2019.

Powder Nails: After the elaborate nail arts that we saw in the present year -2018, we suggest you be prepared for some glossy nude and pastel nails in 2019. If you haven’t managed to kick your gel nail addiction, prepare to become obsessed with powder dipping. By using powder instead of gel, your manicure will last as long as a month without any of the damage of gel nails. Isn’t that cool? It’s worth to book that nail appointment now!

adfadsfGlossy makeup: Matte addicts look away now because the gloss is back and it’s stickier than ever. Not only will we be ditching our matte liquid lipsticks for lip gloss, but we’ll also be extending the shininess to our skin, eyelids and wherever else we want our hair to get stuck. It’s time to embrace the stickiness.

Cropped bangs: While saying adios to another year can be bittersweet, charging into the new year with a fresh start is exciting. And When it comes to fringes, we’re all commitment-phobes, but it’s time to get serious in 2019. This year, it’s time to channel your inner Bella Hadid and get those long wanted baby bangs. Super short fringe is seriously trending for the new year, and bangs look great on just about anyone. If baby bangs are too dramatic for your taste, consult our guide for the best bangs for your face shape and book an appointment with your hairdresser, stat.

Almond nails: You must have tried many different nail shapes till the date, but the next time your manicurist asks if you want “square or rounded” nails, the answer is “almond, please.” Believe it or not, the new nail shape for 2019 is named for the soft, rounded shape of the nut. If you want to showcase the latest almond trend, hold off on hitting the nail salon until you’ve built a strong base.

Bold lips: Thanks to Glossier, 2018 saw the minimal makeup movement seriously challenge the heavy Instagram look. For 2019, prepare to compromise a pair your barely-there base with a bold lip, as ‘standout lip color’ is a new trend now.

Beautiful woman with stylish hairstyle
Beautiful woman with stylish hairstyle

Nude is the new chic: Women have decided to go basic with their make-up and it is quickly becoming a trend around the world. Keep your makeup natural and minimal to give it a fresh look. Speaking of nude make-up, women have found a new companion. Base oils. From a variety of oils ranging from rose to gold, women are loving this new trend. Sandalwood oil has always symbolized purity and its fragrance has stood the test of time.

Lashes are not retro anymore: We remember Broadway stars with their elaborate lashes, don’t we? It seems as though to complement their basic overall make-up, women have started to adorn their lashes and this trend is getting popular by the day. Don’t forget that strong brow game either because pretty lashes and bold brows can never go wrong.

Liquid exfoliators: First of all, if you haven’t tried a liquid exfoliator yet, where have you been? Scarier than they sound, liquid exfoliators, or acids as you might know them, are way more effective at removing dead skin cells, brightening skin tone and evening complexion. Get ready for this!

The body scrub: One skin care trend that is gaining considerable traction is of body scrubs. Apart from the obvious fragrance that pulls women to these scrubs, have proven results in moisturizing the skin and keeping it healthy and soft. From multiple essential oils to new entrants with coffee – these body scrubs are here, and they intend to stay. Also, let’s not forget our faces. Use a face scrub that can exfoliate, polish and moisturize your skin in an effortless fashion leaving you with glowing skin.

dasdasLilac locks: Flaunt-worthy lilac locks are about to take over your social media feed come 2019, and we don’t hate it at all! The soft pastel hair color will brighten dreary, cold winter days and is a playful choice for spring and summer. Feeling bold? Dye your hair an all-over shade of rich lilac. But if you prefer a subtler change, ask your stylist to seamlessly paint lilac on your strands through balayage.

So, be prepared to see following unusual yet amazing beauty trends in the upcoming year! Oh, and don’t forget to try it.

Have a happy and rocking 2019!

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