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17 Things You do daily That Could Be Making You Sick

Have you ever thought about the things which are constantly surrounding you and making you sick? If you haven’t, then know how we have done that for you! Continue reading and realize which are one of the dirtiest things that can make you sick, and of course, avoid them and change your habits!

Kitchen Sponge. If you use a kitchen sponge for many different purposes, then you must know how you are just spreading bacteria all around. Want to avoid that? Wash it for 25 seconds after each usage. Also, never leave it hanging out in your kitchen sink.

eeweYour computer. Wipe down your computer or laptop and sanitize it from time to time. It is very important to clean your laptop each time after you take it somewhere.

The ATM. Did you know that ATMs harbor diarrhea-causing bacteria? That was found by the British company study called BioCote. If you didn’t know, the ATMs are literally as dirty as toilet seats!

Public transportation. Whenever you use public transportation it is a must to take a hand sanitizer with yourself. Just imagine how many different people have already just sat on that seat in just one day!

Leaving the plane. Airplanes are very dirty because most of the armrests and pillows are not cleaned as often as they should be. You can apply the same rule here as for the previous fact.

rtetertHandshakes. Whenever you shake your hand with someone, everything they have touched since washing their hands the last time is on you. That means how it can literally transfer you some harmful bacteria which can cause cold and flu viruses.

Shopping cart. Shopping carts carry enormous 138, 700 bacteria per square inch! 73% of them carry coliform bacteria and 50% of them E.Coli!

Washing machine. A constant load of dirty underwear leaves lots of bacteria in your washing machine. How to change that? You should clean your washer by running a cycle and use bleach (of course, with no clothes in it).

Cell phone. The same rule goes for the cell phones as for laptops and computers. Wipe down your phone with a cleansing wipe 2 times a week.

Makeup brushes. Your skin cells and germs are constantly on your makeup brushes. If you want to escape skin problems, the best would be to wash them at least every 2 weeks.

Bed sheets. We all know how sheets are literally crawling with microorganisms. Of course, those can make you sick. Wash your sheets once a week and never eat in bed.

drretrtToothbrush. If you leave a wet toothbrush and your toilet open, we have some bad news. It is a perfect place for bacteria growth. Get a new toothbrush every 2 months, or, of course, change it after you get a flue or a cold.

Remote control. Be honest with yourself, how often do you clean your remote control? Just imagine for how many times have you touched it with dirty hands.

Floors. When you think about floors, all you can imagine is how many bacteria you bring onto them with your shoes. The point is clear-never eat something from the floor!

Your AC unit. If you are having some breathing problems, or know someone who does, then know how heating and air ducts can actually be the cause. Be sure that you clean them every 3 years.

Mascara. All the ladies like to wear mascara, yet, if you don’t replace it after three months, all the bacteria on it can spread on your eyes.

Money. We all like money, but did you know how it spreads a lot of diseases? Be sure that you wash your hands often!

sdsefwCan you think of something more?

Have some of the things from our list surprised you?

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