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Perception of beauty in women might be changing, but the pressure is still relentless

Beauty, beauty, beauty… Are we all obsessed with this phenomenon? The truth is, we can’t always blame social media for that because people have been craving beauty since ancient times.

Yet, one thing is clear – today’s beauty standards are nothing like those in the past. We all know that everything is exaggerated – beauty standards are too high today, or better said – impossible to be achieved.

Young ladies worldwide face themselves with these fake standards on a daily basis. Yet, a recent study that has involved men and women aging 18 to 74, in 27 countries, has shown that beauty standards are changing for good.

People today are trying to refuse these fake and high standards. They do not want to look that fake anymore. It is all especially hard for young people who have grown up with Instagram trends. We know that it represents filtered photos of people all the time. They don’t look like that in real life, right? Of course, they don’t. And while everyone still knows that, the pressure for people to be as beautiful as possible is still high and real.

sfsfgYoung people all around the globe are finally changing their minds! We are truly happy to hear that. Many of those who were interviewed about beauty standards claim that the most beautiful things are: kindness, intelligence, charm, happiness, confidence, etc.

Besides that, if you take a look at what types of beauty blogs people write or run these days, you will come to the conclusion that we want to get back to nature and its values.

The good thing is that many have realized that cosmetics, makeup, and plastic surgeries don’t offer what is truly beautiful. Instead, people are searching for natural beauty solutions. They want to use minimalistic makeup (if they want to use it at all), natural and organic cosmetics to take care of their hair and skin, and work out with a purpose to achieve a good looking body.

Besides that, as said above already, these generations have also started appreciating what comes from our souls more – kindness, confidence, happiness…

Unfortunately, the beauty industry is still very aggressive and is doing everything in its power to tell people that they are simply not enough the way they are.

To be completely honest with you, I truly believe that people today are sick and tired of the media and its pressure. We had enough. We want to think with our own heads. We want to decide what is beautiful with our own standards.

And yes, we can together achieve that if we all start boycotting what they serve us on the plate. And what they serve us is not good – fake idols, low self-esteem, plastic bodies, and stupidity. Sorry, but that’s not attractive. You lose!

Men have changed too. But I think men were always that way – they don’t like skinny and plastic ladies. They hate that blue eyeshadow and neon pink lipstick. Men appreciate natural looks.

fvdvsfdOverall, I truly hope that this trend will be continued. We must think of our health and our souls.

We are beautiful when we work on ourselves. It doesn’t have to be related to our physical appearance.


Are you also sick and tired of these aggressive beauty standards that are all around us?

Do you think people are more beautiful when they are natural?

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