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In case no one has told you this yet today – You look beautiful!

How do you feel when you wake up in the morning? Do you wake up with a smile, or worried? Are people that live with you or surround you some sort of a burden or a great joy?

How do you feel about your body and your looks? Who determines how you see yourself in the mirror?

Questions, questions… Do you have answers to those above? I am pretty sure you do, but you just haven’t thought more about it.

People accept things that are approved by the masses of society without even questioning that by themselves.

When I go for a walk, for example, and take a look at the faces of people I come by – I don’t like what I see.

xcdfIt’s not that I don’t like their looks, but I don’t like their energy. There’s a beautiful little boy playing outside, and he is too shy for his age. When you ask him something, he says he doesn’t know this, or that, or is not capable to do it, and so on.

That’s really what hurts me. People, different people of all ages, are today in this society told that they are NOTHING.

If you take a look at the news, TV, social media, celebrities, newspapers, magazines, ads, or whatever comes to your mind, what do you see?

Fake people. People who don’t work but have a lot of money. People who eat only in restaurants. People, who brag about how they don’t know to cook, like that’s some sort of a luxury, right? It’s all wrong.

You’ll see very naturally beautiful people who undergo thousands of surgeries to become even ”more perfect”. And how do they end up looking like? Sad, you can see it in their eyes… Jealous, envy, frustrated… And still, see themselves as the ugly ones.

In case no one has told you this yet today – You look beautiful! You really do. You’re a piece of art, from your parents, and God himself.

You are smart and capable of doing things you haven’t ever thought about.

You are intelligent and can wake up strong inner strength and faith that lays right in your soul. But have you ever tried?

You, yes you, have been listening to what society tells you is normal and beautiful for so so long that you have forgotten how to see with your own eyes.

Beauty is in the difference between all of us. Please don’t accept this fake and boring world of clones. They are empty. They are deeply depressed. They are in so much hate with their own body and soul that they are ready to cut themselves and their faces to change them according to what someone said is perfect.

So, please, wake up with joy. It’s another day. We are here, beautiful enough, and lucky enough to live this life.

dfgdfDon’t be ashamed of any part of your body. That’s you. And I am pretty sure that you are just perfect that way and quite amazing.

Grow as a person. And overcome those standards.

Be free in your body. And finally, start living your life as you should have from its first day.


Do you see beauty wherever you look?

Whom do you find beautiful that others don’t?

Feel free to comment.

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