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The World Has Chosen Satan – Really??

What is wrong with the world?

We live in a scientific dictatorship, a do-nothing state. The world can never be a peaceful place when you the evil people are the architect of this world. It’s all the same, same speeches, same promises and we are far worse. The holocaust happened to people like us. Even Congress is not doing the work they sent to do, and we don’t have confidence in Congress anymore. It seems like their mission is to empower Satan.

Day by day it is getting very difficult to live in the world. Our children are not safe. Especially in America, the new generation is not in safe hands. Why is it very difficult to raise a child in America? Because we legalized sin and we called it civil rights. Homosexual was condemned earlier, but now it’s being celebrated. Can you believe it’s actually happening and we are part of it? If you don’t agree, you are going to be condemned. Well, it’s just the beginning. It’s getting darker out there. If that’s not enough, the world government will be announced soon, and we don’t know what is next.

dsfdSatan has deceived most people by getting them to believe the world can be improved by self-effort. They have fallen into the trap of humanism. The truth is that Satan, or Lucifer, has known and studied the prophecies in the Bible for thousands of years. They are supernatural creatures (fallen angels) with great powers who know exactly what they are going to do to deceive the world. Satan has created numerous false religions throughout the world that have led millions to follow it. He’s pulled almost the entire world to sleep. He just loves this method of catching folks off guard by total surprise and causing the greatest amount of fear possible in an instant. It creates such great confusion, and he is the Author of Confusion. He wants to totally KNOCKOUT THE WORLD IN ONE PUNCH.

Satan sat back and looked over this “end time” scenario centuries ago. He knew he would have to put the world to sleep to be able to catch us by surprise in this fashion. He began to enter the Church with false “sleepy” doctrines. Satan’s long-term strategy to get the world right where he wants us so he can wreak the most havoc and cause the greatest amount of confusion and damage possible when his man, the “beast” comes to power.

The signs are visible and clear. Do you see them?

Please do not be fooled by these growing deceptions. These people are demonic possess. These people are cursed, and they want you to be curse just like them. It’s amazing how many brainwashed people out there still refuse to admit the obvious. Why can’t you people see the very clear sign? You people are the very definition of stupid. Foolish blasphemy! This generation is going to hell faster than any other, and no one can stop it unless God has mercy on us.

The false God Satan has controlled the World for YEARS. He will be bringing many surprises to those of you that adore him. We have been in motion for hundreds of years and “The Illuminati” have laid the Foundation for THE FALSE God Satan to return to his place. Hollywood is marketing evil while the government begins to abuse its power. It looks like some secret organizations are leading us to Marshall law globally. They want to lock down every country and force people to accept a one world communist government — global currency.

Our world is in a great need of spiritual awakening. Most people are following dark religions that they don’t even know. They have been indoctrinated into the Lucifer’s Belief system. If you don’t submit to be controlling, you are a radical. And if you a radical you are less likely to be love, you don’t fit in with society, and you view as an outsider. They are greedy dogs which can never have enough.

sdsIf we are on the Lord’s side, Satan tries to cause us to fall. This is a dark time in our world, a dark time in our society, a dark time in America and a dark time around the world. Most of this world welcome Lucifer’s son, and the Antichrist in the false prophet and his new world order. The future of this world is very tragic because something is completely out of place here. The Devil has convinced the world that he doesn’t exist. He has nothing to play with or mess around. But remember, the Devil wants your soul: Satan already got billions of people on a leash. He is out there to get more. He lies about the value of your soul.

Do we really want Satan?

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