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The Omnissiah is Coming Sooner than We Thought – Are we Ready?

The potential applications of technology to human life are well known. But is this application positive or negative? Technology is advancing to the point that it’s becoming dangerous since we humans don’t know when to stop. I must say, the world is just getting more creepier each year and I have reasons. It’s evolving just as God said it would. And there’s no escaping from it.

Elon Musk said, “‘ We must hack our brains or be Destroyed.”

Well, Elon Musk, you be the first one to integrate with AI, and the rest of us can watch you with that AI chip in your spinal cords for a few years. Elon Musk basically outlines the Symbiosis option between humans and Reapers from Mass Effect.

Are these people out of their minds?!

afafdWe all use technology and appreciate all it does. The thing with technology was completely different just a few years ago. Things were real. The music was inspiring. People could live and retire comfortably, but that is all gone.

Should we be more worried about the world we’re creating? 

The role that technology plays in human life is becoming an increasingly urgent question. The more you live through screens, the more you’re living in a narrow bandwidth, an abstract world that’s increasingly artificial. And that virtual world is safe and controllable, but it’s not costly and unpredictable in the way the real world is. I’m worried about what will happen if we lose our connection to reality altogether.

Intelligence is what made humans the dominant species on the planet. Intelligence is the most powerful instrument around the world. If you’re embodying that kind of intelligence in increasingly sophisticated machines and are coming to depend on them more and more over time, what will be our future? What worries me is that we’re headed in the direction of building AI technologies that are at the human level and, eventually, far beyond that. The problem is the psychopaths that are using it for their own benefits without any regard for human life.

The Machine God Omnissiah is coming!

The Machine God, also known as the Omnissiah or Deus Mechanicus, is the supernatural entity worshipped by the Tech-priests. We’re in a technocracy now. The merger of man and machine. As we’ve progressed technologically, we’ve very much regressed morally and spiritually. Basically, humans are attempting to make machines in the image and likeness of themselves. Kind of a Narcissist-Anthropomorphism.

Does anyone notice how so many movies are predicting this stuff? It’s like they are just getting society used to the hell AI is going to create. We are watching and enjoying these movies. Humans have opened up the way for us to exit life. And we’re pushing it every day. I’m not talking about the narrow forms of AI like the one that drives the Google car or helps the doctor make diagnoses or helps people on Wall Street make investment decisions — those are all very specialized forms of AI. I’m worried about advanced ways of AI becoming so intelligent that they can perform an infinite variety of tasks across domains of activity. We’ll continue to make them smarter and more capable and more powerful until we reach a point at which they start to learn on their own and begin to modify themselves. Once that happens, they’ll be entirely unpredictable — and then who the hell knows what happens next.

Why are we putting technology into things that don’t need it?

Our bodies will be so high tech we won’t be able to distinguish between what’s natural and artificial. The scary thing is that there are so many idiots that will embrace this. And the scariest part is that they are mostly among the young ones!

Technology isolates many people from society, especially the poor or elderly. 90 % of people have their eyes on their smartphone. Even sitting in a coffee bar no longer feels the same. If you happen to be in a public space, just take a look around, and I can assure you that the majority of people you’re seeing are on their phones, probably scrolling through social media. That’s what technology is doing. It separates the connection of who we are as species. We are becoming machines. Just wait till 2029. It will be 11 times worse. Looking someone in the eye might actually be considered a crime, and people might get sentenced because they might find it very offensive.

Remember, what Putin said about America? He said American’s are only told the truth in movies. And, he’s right. That movie is I Robot. We are becoming Robots. Fewer feelings, more automation!

asdfasSociety must go back to its natural roots, or we are doomed. Our children and grandchildren will be in serious danger. We must teach our children to connect with nature instead of technology. Use technology but do not “connect” to technology.

Will we become increasingly dependent on our computers to the point of social breakdown?

Will technology be so ingrained in society as to destroy it and imprison humanity?

“I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots.” – Albert Einstein

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