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What to Know About Precision Haircutting

What to Know About Precision Haircutting

The haircutting industry is home to many beauty techniques, each with its own dedication to perfection. Whether slide cutting, layering, or guiding, all these cutting methods can create perfectly balanced, unique looks for the clients. However, precision cutting stands out as one of the cleanest styles of all. So, whether you’re a professional hairdresser or want to know more about the business, this is what to know about precision haircutting.

What Is a Precision Haircut?

A precision haircut uses the systematic process of intentional and exact cutting. So, rather than simply scooping up sections of hair and cutting them where they fall, precision cutting requires the hairdresser to take the time to make deliberate and clean lines. While many clients might not know the difference, this type of cutting makes the hair more uniform, making styling easier and more consistent overall.

The Look It Creates

Precision haircutting works with a plethora of different styles for both men and women. As such, there isn’t a single look that outwardly demonstrates a precision cut. Unfortunately, this practice can still make a world of difference for clients and hairdressers alike. Not only does it make a haircut look sleeker, but it also eliminates any jagged edges that are more visible when you restyle it at home. This ultimately raises the quality of your results and ensures the style lasts longer.

Tools Required for Precision Cutting

Arguably, the most important thing to know about precision haircutting is what tools help achieve this effect. After all, creating these cuts requires the stylist to understand what makes for clean-cut lines and what instruments are best. Firstly, you need a straight-edged comb to lift and examine the ends of the hair properly. This item also works as a guide to show you where you’ll cut before you do.

Precision cutting also requires the right size shears. Believe it or not, the overall size of your haircutting shears plays a large role in the consistency of the lines you create. So, when trying to promote accuracy, knowing how to choose the correct shear size is crucial to success.

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