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What causes love to fade?

There is a scientific basis for this perception that love fades over time. This is because relationships move from passionate love to long-term attachment. If you see pictures of your lover the first week of a relationship and then their photos 10 years later, you may still like them, but different parts of the brain are activated and reacted depending on your location. Find a relationship with that person.

Brain scans compared people who had been dating for a week with couples who had been together for a year, and they found that couples who had been together for a year had more activity in the brain region related to the long-term attached deadline.

Infatuation in love fades, it does, but what it does is create the initial incentive to spend more time with the person so they can develop a lasting attachment to the other person. That’s when love fades. That’s the point where some relationships fail when the infatuation fades but the attachment never stays. And people get bored and unsatisfied with the relationship, wondering why they were with that person in the first place. They realize that they no longer love this person because the infatuation has faded and the long-term romantic attachment never replaces.

At the beginning of a relationship, you may feel unusually intense love. However, this feeling is changing day by day. Everything works out as if you were in a relationship. It’s not that there’s no feeling, it’s just that the levels seem to fade away.

After a long time of being in love, you certainly want to meet each other, and no longer smile and talk to your partner over the phone. This is natural since this period has ended. The longer the relationship, the more serious the relationship, and this kind of feeling is often less felt. Do you wonder why love can disappear? Here is the explanation.


Poor communication between couples is often the main source of discord. When you have a problem that cannot be resolved satisfactorily, you will remember how boring the couple used to be. This love remains. However, whenever there’s a problem, you’re reminded of ugliness more often than you’ve been together since the beginning.

Want to nurture your relationship and improve it with your partner? Improve communication! Problems in relationships are natural and will always be there. However, everything must be done to be completed. So, after reconciliation, you will feel the feelings of love again in your partner.


Time can change many things, including feelings. At the beginning of a relationship, you may feel your love for your partner will last forever. However, over time, things seem different.

It can be caused by many factors, from many conflicts, deadlocked habits that are all, rarely having quality time, being busy, or even feeling saturated with relationships.

If it isn’t a big deal until you have to break up, both you and your partner can try to make your relationship more enjoyable. For example, try to take a vacation together or at least do new things together, which could also mean going on a date in a new place.


At first, the relationship seems to be going well. But suddenly, a change occurs and it makes a small difference to your relationship. It could be because a couple suddenly moved, their residence moved, they have more activities that keep them busy, or they simply change jobs that make it difficult to meet.

Because of this change, you feel that the feelings between the two of you have faded. Couples must be able to adapt to all conditions. Because change will always be there, sometimes sudden or even planned.

Try discussing your relationship with your partner again. There is always the best way if you still want to maintain your love.

Unfortunately, too many people assume that passionate love is the real deal, when it’s fleeting. So when people compare their younger relationships to their more permanent, long-term relationships, it’s not like comparing the same thing with two different magnitudes, it’s more like comparing apple and orange.

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