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What are 16 things that are not worth it?

Let’s see the things that are not worth it. There are some things we do in life that definitely not worth it. If you have been wondering how to make your life better without turning it upside down, just understand how these things affect you:

1. Trying to persuade someone to like you.

Love/romance should happen organically, not as a product of you having to oversell (beg) someone to be into you.

2. Staying up late.

You will not only age prematurely, but you also won’t have enough energy to live every day as you can and as you should.

3. Doing it later.

You either won’t ever do it, or you’ll do it in a bad manner. So, do everything now or when it’s time.

4. A one-night stand is your goal.

Putting a ton of work in and then having sex with someone you’ll probably regret having sex with. Definitely not worth it – there are plenty of other ways to spend your time and energy.

5. Nothing in this world destroys more potential than procrastination.

Remember Nike’s logo – “Just do it!” Not tomorrow…

6. Side Chicks (dudes).

A moment’s pleasure, the rush of something new, will quickly be replaced by the persisting paranoia of being caught and the shitty feeling of having cheated on your partner.

7. Expensive weddings.

Those truly put a lot of pressure on you both. Marriage is your event, not the guests’. Those expensive pictures will end up in the trash anyway. Make memories that count instead.

8. Driving your car fast to impress friends/girlfriends.

Normal friends and girlfriends wouldn’t even be impressed with this, but you are also risking dying – literally.

9. Pleasing your parents.

You pick your own career – not them. Listen – but don’t become “Project Redo” for their own life.

10. Credit Cards Debt.

Avoid, avoid, avoid. Only use credit cards to build your credit score. If you don’t have a stable income, you could end up being saddled with debt collection calls for decades.

11. Marriage: often – when it is rushed.

Make sure you know the person. It will make it much harder to leave and you’ll end up wasting your best years because you felt too ashamed to get divorced. Know your person before you decide to live with them for the rest of your life. Marriage is not a joke.

12. Stop it before it stops you.

This is related to any sort of addiction or harmful habit. It’s always a good moment to stop or quit.

13. Fancy objects.

Things that are not worth are Fancy cars, big diamonds, designer clothes – they will be fun for a moment. But you’ll quickly find that feeling fading. And you’ll quickly learn that “Looking Rich” is a very expensive hobby.

14. Yelling/Hitting/Throwing.

There are other ways to resolve disputes with your significant other. Nothing good comes of those things.

15. Expensive colleges.

You don’t have to spend all four years at a $25/30K per year school. There are other options. $140/1K will be crazy to re-pay. And for god’s sake – study something that will give you a job of some type. It doesn’t have to be engineering. Find your passion and career goal.

16. Lying.

A life full of lies will bring you numerous troubles, and once you find yourself in it – there will be literally years needed to get out of it. Not worth it.

We hope that our list has helped you to improve your life in many simple ways! Try to get rid of at least 3 bad habits and you’ll start seeing tremendous changes. These are the things that are not worth it.

Which of this advice can be related to you?

What things in your life do you want to change?

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